How to Make Leaf Mould (Mold) – Fast and Easy Leaf Composting Method

If you’ve got autumn leaves you’re
probably wondering what the best thing to do with them is, and the answer is
simple, it’s to turn them into leaf mold. Leaf mold is nature’s compost and we’re
going to show you not only how to do it but we’re going to show you a couple of
tricks to speed up the whole process. So to start with we need to reduce the size
of the leaf because that’s going to make them turn into leaf mold a lot more
quickly, and the way they do that is with the lawn mower
we set the mower on its highest height we’ve got the catcher on the back. So
here’s our pile of leaves we’ve mown them and mulched them once and
you can see it’s reduced greatly in size. We’ll do that again and show you the
final result . the pile of leaves is a lot smaller than it was it’s now ready to be
turned into leaf mold. And there’s a few ways you can do this, you can set up a
wire pen about a meter bio meter and put all the leaves into that, for this
demonstration we’re going to use an old compost bin. The compost bin is simply
sitting on the ground it’s in a fairly shady spot so it’s not going to get too
hot and it is winter anyway. We’ll take the leaves and we’ll fill up the bin, if
we just use the leaves it could take 12 months to 24 months for the leaves to
completely turn into leaf mold. But we can speed the process up. The first
method is to use some cow manure, and what we do with that is we sprinkle a
few handfuls over the top of the leaves as we’re putting them in every 30
centimeters put in a layer of cow manure another layer of leaves there more cow
manure until you get to the top. You can use cow manure or you can use sheep manure, we tend not to use chicken manure as we find that that’s a little bit of
acidic. The second method is to use some vermicast, what you’re doing there is
you’re taking a couple of handfuls of vermicast from a worm farm if you’ve
got one, mix that up in a bucket of water pour it into a watering can and water
that over the top of the leaves. Both of these methods can see you having leaf
mold in six months to twelve months, which is a lot shorter time frame than
most. You do need to make sure that the leaves are kept moist but not wet, and
you can simply do that with a watering can every now and then. After six months
dive your hand down into the center of the bin and you’ll find out whether it’s
ready to use or not, if it’s not just leave it for another three months or so.
So that’s it for turning leaves into leaf mold. Leaf mold is a really valuable
addition to soils it’s great for amending clay soils
it’s excellent in the veggie garden you can also use it as a mulch around plants
and you can dig it in to the perennial garden or any area
where you’re planting new plants. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for
regular updates on all aspects of gardening and if you want more details
on making leaf mold visit the web site and as always good luck with your

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  1. Does beg the question. What manure for what job? Do I sprinkle my lawn with horse/cow manure? What do I dig into which garden for what purpose. So confusing.

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