How to make Liquid Organic Fertilizer Generative Period

Hi friends.. This time we will learn how to make liquid organic fertilizer generative phase Phase of the plant there are two, namely the phase of vegetative and generative phase Generative phase is the period when the plant starts flowering and fruiting Vegetative phase is the growth phase How to make a liquid organic fertilizer is the generative period Of fruits have started to rot This Banana, has many of potassium content very good for stimulating the emergence of flower ovary Additionally prepare a water well used washing rice Because abortion is great for plants For bacteria decoder, can use the EM4, or local micro-organisms caranya adalah, potong bahan menjadi kecil Then enter into the container that has been mixed with the water used to wash rice For fruit, the more kinds the content of the fertilizer will be more complete Then enter EM4 Enter sugar or molasses, five tablespoons for one liter of water Then we close the containers tightly, and close the holes with a needle. aim to remove the gases of fermentation Then we leave for two weeks After two weeks the result will be like this they are filtered and then ready to be applied to plants how to dilute with water in comparison, 1 liter of liquid fertilizers: 20 liters of water

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