How to make multipurpose Potting soil mix (with English Subtitle)

Hello! these all are small onion I have planted these onions directly on my garden soil. these are garlic plants. and these are big onions here you can see these are spinach and coriander plants. The soil in which cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers grow rapidly, that particular soil is good for gardening. now you see how I am using this garden soil to prepare the potting mix here see after preparing this garden soil properly, I am mixing 15% cow dunk with it. instead of cow dunk, you can use compost. with it, I am using 15% wooden husk also. instead of the wooden husk, you can use paddy husk or cocopeat. the soil remains light weighted by using these. I am using 5% neem cake to keep this soil bacteria free. after mixing these all things properly with the soil, we keep this mix in one place for about five days and mixing this soil every day once during these 5 days, the fiertility power of this soil will be increased. after 5 days you can use this soil directly on the pot, or you could use this soil after filtering it. after filtering you need to mix 30% cocopeat with it. then you can use it in hanging bottle and hanging pot. besides this, if you use small stone with this filtered soil, then you can use this same mixture as bonsai soil.

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  1. Sir you are really good Gardner and well explained in hindi maza ayya
    Q k app mostly videos may app ki awaj nahi hoti
    Bhoot achay sir

  2. Daarun laglo,ei dhoroner video r jonyo wait Kari.pot e mango tree krte hole kmn Mati dite hobe jodi bolen please🙏🙏🙏

  3. I always try to watch your videos and very glad to learn about your important information. Many thanks for your kind information.

  4. দাদা আমার বেলি ফুল ফোটার ১ দিন পরেই সেটা বেগুনি রঙ হয়ে নষ্ট হয়ে যাচ্ছে । এইটা কিসের জন্য হয়? কি করলে প্রতিকার পাওয়া যাবে?

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