How To Make Organic Compost From Lawn Grass Clippings

Do You Ever Thought??, Organic Compost can be made from Lawn Grass Clippings, Come And Watch Hello Friends, Welcome You Will Get Many Gardening Tips For Terrace, And Other Gardening Here In Today’s Video We Will Find, How To Compost Lawn Grass Clippings, Lets Go To The Lawn And Know , How To Compost Grass Clippings, Which is Considered as Waste We Throw Grass Clippings, Actually This Grass Can Be Used as a Good Organic Fertilizer for Your Organic Garden, Therefore Next Time When You Cut Lawn Grass, Do Not Throw Make organic Compost From Lawn Grass Lawn Grass Waste can be a Good Organic Fertilizer, I Will Show How Lawn Grass Clippings is made into compost, Keep the Lawn Grass Clippings into a Container, and water it daily, , it will decompose within few days, This Compost is a very Good Organic Fertilizer For Gardening, If You Do Not Have Container, Then You Can use a Poly Bag, or a Jute Bag, Or You Can Use A Plastic Bucket , Just Keep Watering, Specially in Summers for good decomposition, From Now onward s Do Not Throw Grass Clippings You Have Just Seen How To Make Compost How Was This Video Like This Video, For Getting Similar Interesting Tips, Subscribe Now, As By Subscribing now, You Will Get New Video’s Early, and Subscribing is totally free, Go Below and Hit Subscription Button Without hesitation, Whenever new video is posted, it will reach you directly See You Again Till Then Good Bye

1 thought on “How To Make Organic Compost From Lawn Grass Clippings

  1. Hi there l also use it in my worm bins.they love it.When l got two baths and used them for the worms they and grass clippings made the best compost.I also got some 20 ltr buckets and 3/4 filled with clippings and covered with worm juice.Brilliant to mix with compost and use to make new and or replenish old garden beds.
    All the best and keep up the great work.

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