How to make organic compost pit at home

5 Litre Bottles Funnel Gloves Mask Sugarcane Waste Egg Shells Paper Waste Module 1 Mark the portion to cut in rectangular shape Stop Cutting at this blue marks Start Cutting from three sides of rectangle Cut the bottle according to this image It should have opening to put all the waste Step 1: Put a layer of sand (200gms) into the bottle using sand spoon Sprinkle some water to have moist content in soil and to make soil favorable for earthworms Step 2: Put a layer of cow dung (200gms) on top of soil layer Sprinkle the water again Step 3: Put some waste papers as a initial feeding for earthworms Step 4: Add some household waste like tea powder waste Add some Sugarcane waste to it! Add some household waste such as vegetable waste into it Add a layer of compost upon that household waste Add some egg shells if required Step 5:;put earthworm(10-15) in your composting pit you can prepare household model of this kind also cover the opening with some mosquito net so that flies will not enter into it This is the final look of the module! You need to sprinkle some water daily so that earthworms will survive for a great extent

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