How to Make Potting Soil Mix Your Seedlings Will Root For!

hey guys what’s up my name is Lucas and
today I’m gonna show you how to make the best potting soil for your seedlings
it’s super simple super easy so come on let’s get started Hamlin’s chia-pet watch it grow first you need a container to hold your
potting soil a taupe box works well for this if you have cats I would recommend
using a lid as it will likely be mistaken for a kitty litter box
unfortunately I know this from personal experience once you have your container
it’s mixing time I’m using Chrome explorer Ganic moisture mix last year I
use the different bag but this year I couldn’t find the same one the brand it
doesn’t really matter it’s the ingredients that count I recommend a bag
that contains peat moss and perlite this is key to good drainage which will
prevent your seedlings from rotting I strongly recommend a bag that advertises
moisture control this will help regulate moisture and prevent over and under
watering a common mistake when growing seedlings as long as the potting mix
looks dark and is nice and fluffy you should be good to go I always mix two
different bags of potting mix together this way if one of the bags is not that
great the other one can compensate for it this one is Miracle Grow moisture
control potting mix but like I said before the brand doesn’t really matter
as long as it’s lightweight and contains a peat moss and perlite next I recommend
adding some perlite this is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively
high water content it increases drainage which will reduce the risk of damping
off or stunted ceiling growth I know the bags of potting soil I added already
contained perlite but I like to add more to maximize your image half a bag for
this amount of potting soil is ideal finally I add about 1/3 of a bag of
vermiculite vermiculite is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral that like perlite
increases aeration and drainage in potting mixes you do not have to add
vermiculite but I would recommend it if you do wear a mask or put a damp cloth
over your nose and mouth to prevent inhalation of vermiculite dust finally
mix all the ingredients together you should wear a mask to prevent inhalation
of particulates I’m not wearing a mask here which is a big mistake now you’re finished congratulations with
your extra deluxe potting mix prepared you are now ready to start sowing seeds
I will be doing detailed series on how to grow different types of vegetables
from seed so don’t forget to subscribe if that sounds interesting to you thanks
for watching ooh

28 thoughts on “How to Make Potting Soil Mix Your Seedlings Will Root For!

  1. I enjoyed the video. I grow all my seeds in 100% perlite I get 20lb bag for 5 dollars locally. Thanks for sharing your mixes

  2. I had a good laugh about the cat… lol… I make my potting soil mix for seedlings pretty much the same as you Lucas! P.S I like this style of video – real good mate 🙂

  3. Great video!! Just in time, too!! I'm beginning to start seeds in our greenhouse! Thank you so much for sharing, can't wait to see more!

  4. You guys are able to buy gardening products way cheaper than us in Australia,,,more viable to make certain mixes.
    Thanks for the video,,so wish I could get cheap peat moss.
    Marty Ware

  5. I may be wrong but I think I found your channel from a comment you left on Reddit. Then I saw that you were young and I was honestly expecting something really low quality but you’ve done a great job. The content and editing are both very good. I’ve subscribed. Keep it coming!

  6. hi. can I use perlite found in diy stores for potting soil or dose it contain other chemicals that would harm the plants?. thank you

  7. Great video. I make my own compost rather than buy it but I do add perlite and vermiculite and also use the vermiculite to cover sown seeds. Thanks for sharing 😊👍

  8. Find you a farmer with cattle that are grass fed. Ask him if you can have the manure. Allow it to dry in a sunny spot and break it up with a shovel or tiller. You have perfect potting soil

  9. I use PRO Mix soil, I left the bag in backyard,winter temperatures was -25 in toronto, this spring I use some to plant house plants, after 3 weeks, I found a lots of very small black flies in my house, I check all the flies from that soil, the backyard bag inside a lots of flies too. It’s very terrible.

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