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I live in South Carolina. South Carolina too much clay in ground. Ground no good and too hard. If you put compost you’ll be… your vegetable production will grow excellent and you’ll have your home natural production and no chemical, because it’s much better. Show right now how we’ll be to make this compost. Where pickup? How easy. Right now go next step. First step we’re doing this looking right here fireplace. We have wood. You see like this wood. Wood. Wood. Now finished. Big wood take out. Small wood we have ashes pretty good. Put together and after fire any place where you go. If you go in park or you go in… if you looking some ashes, you have always basket or something, and bag, and small shovel, and pick up, and put inside basket, and bring for your home. Ashes very good mineral. Mineral production right here. I show for you where we put these ashes on my property and show how process go step by step. Go. Some people doing a road right here and pushes top ground right here, and mix together. You see this is wood. wood and rotten wood stay inside. You see like this. Rotten wood and inside w e have a lot of compost. Wild compost. Very good. Very good. Wild compost very good and leaves, and pine leaves, and everything mixed and on top ground. This wild compost, study for me my dad. I lived in Russia. He studied how pickup very natural wild compost. We go to forest, move out these leaves always and pick up wild compost. Wild compost have much better, no chemical. No chemical. This chemical kill natural benefits for people and better if you put for your ground, for vegetables… you’ll be healthy always. Too many people right now no healthy, because have problem. Too much chemical food, because too much chemical in soil and ground. Use farmer, everybody and say “natural food.” It’s not natural food. If you want healthy food and natural wild compost, homemade, you must come on to forest, your property, or forest government, or any place where you are allowed to pick up this natural compost. Come on show for you more. Right here I’m pickup this area, compost for my property. You see I am take out top layer and bottom is mixed. Rotten wood… everything together. Rotten wood. It’s very good and rotten leaves and pine leaves. Everything small ground. You see like this. It’s much… if you have a little bit sand, its much better, sand too. Doing ground very perfect and if you’re looking like this area, something pushing together wood, it’s much better area. It’s a lot better. You must pickup everything for your ground. You must have inside car special basket, small shovel or something, and plastic bag where you can put something inside and if you’re looking much better compost, you must take, pick up this compost and put inside bag. How much do you need or put inside basket. This is will be natural. I’m pickup right here and go more another place where I have too much. Too many. A lot. A lot compost we show next area where I’m pick up too much more. This compost we can pickup every area where we have permission. If Some people say “Okay come on my forest” and give for you permission, we can pick up this compost. It’s much better. Too many people have forests or big farm, nobody work inside forest. You come on inside. Between trees we have leaves inside like this. You must move outside little bit more. Everything moving. Under trees you’ll have always, inside compost. Not too much. Not a lot, only top layer, right here this area, you see, always good. This probably like this area. You can doing like this clean up and out You see, it will be easy, very good. Around trees we can pick up like this and put inside basket. Very, very good compost and go for your property. This is very soft. Very nice. Sometimes rotten wood, it’s okay, because a little bit more time it’ll be this is very good and put inside car, and I put right here my shovel. Put inside car and go for next area. What we doing next area. Right here we have compost ready. Right here my home. Right here ready compost, very good. We bring more. You see like this clay, very hard to grow plants, because this clay no good, and if you bring compost and mix this, everything. My wife mixes like this. Put right here. Very easy grow every plant. Every tree same idea. You must put inside roots, inside hole, between roots, this compost. Trees will very excellent grow. Go next step. Wild ground, you’re doing like this. Pickup shovel and doing upside down. Doing right here, It’s your ground. After finish right here, your backyard, you’ll finish, cut everything, grass out. After finish right here, What we doing? Put on top these ashes. I just put on top, top layer. After doing, pickup ashes and put on top right here. Put on top ashes. After finish ashes, then lay down and put more compost. Put on top. Again, separate everything and after finish everything, everything mix together. Ashes and compost mix together. We have very excellent ground, for every plant. Grow fast and better and easy for roots, for every plant. Roots have air. Roots easy grow. Water easy go inside ground. See like this, very good, too much benefits. After finish, you ready, go to flea market to buy new plant. What kind plant do you want? Flower? Cucumber? Dill? Tomato? Everything, what do you want? Eggplant. You’ll be have natural pr oduction your backyard. You see like this ground, (rain drops) nobody put right here nothing. We last year to buy this property, bought this property and put trees and put small backyard. What to do first? First shovel, doing natural. This regular ground. We doing shovel, mix everything first. Second step, we bring right here, put some ashes. You see ashes? Right here, probably like this, put ashes right here and Separate for everything where you want put plant. What do you want? After this, we bring… next step, We bring right here compost. I show for you where we pickup compost. It’s natural compost. Put on top. On top put compost. It’s natural. It’s not ready ground. After finish this, we come out right here, pickup shovel and mix everything. You see like… what kind ground stay right here. See like this, mix. Natural. Good. Ashes. compost. What do you want put for this ground? Looks like black, you can put this ground every plant. Tomato, we put last year. Tomato grow perfect. Cucumber grow perfect, dill, parsley, everything grow excellent. This is ready ground. This is right now February, we have ready ground for new plant. If you put right here new plant, we’ll have natural vegetables, everything natural, not chemical, because everything we pick up from forest. From forest it’s natural compost. Try doing this right here. If you have flower garden… come here. Now raining. I show for you… this is raining. See right here. February start grow flower right here and right here. My wife not finished right here, we only start this property. We bring compost right here. My wife put right here ready ground. Inside compost. Before we have clay right here. This needs mixing. Will grow every flower. Perfect grow. If you want natural, no chemical property, if you have… Whats better for you? Long life and healthy, no go to doctor, you doing yourself. You doing for health, for you. Work your backyard, you healthy because, fresh air, you work forest, pickup compost, moving, you have interests for life. You have good idea and your life will be long time no died early. Good luck. If you have questions, please put questions, will be answered every time. If you want look more video, more we’ll be continuing video for this interest, for Compost, for backyard (gardening). Thank you very much. Like and Subscribe. Thank you very much.

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