HOW TO PAINT Sunny Day on Italian Villa and Flower Garden in Acrylics

hello everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra and today I’m gonna teach you how to paint this wonderful landscape
painting you can also see here some company houses overlooking on the
beautiful sea and also this beautiful gardens here and a stairway it will not
be easy for the beginners but also I recommend it so because it will be very
challenging and please don’t forget to subscribe here subscribe it and hit that
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tutorials okay everyone so you can see all the materials in the screens you can
see there my brushes the canvas the five limited colors and other materials that
we need to to do this tutorial or to do this painting okay so today I’m going to
paint in like just a landscape or landscape and I will not miss my time to
describe it I will just start right away okay so we’re gonna do the sketching
first it’s very important so that we have a guide where we can put all these
things all together so it will become we can see the entire picture so I wanted to be really more colorful
painting and it would be sunny day something like that
so in the past few days I paint mostly like sunset or sunrise scenes or today
or gonna put I’m gonna paint lady something put some flowers or like that
okay so we have filled the light combination of raw umber and white to
make it light brown or green your grace or something okay so I’m going to put also some
stairway first I’m gonna put the the horizon so I will put the rice on here
on the top something will be on the top everyone so I’m going to make it like
landscape or are seen on the Venus you know Italian something like that
should be really kid so this will be done right so now we’ll
put also the ocean here and it’ll be an hour overlooking view the sea or the
ocean okay and here I will put some this would be the stair over here in this
part it would be something like a rounded rounded parts or something I
don’t know how to call it maybe its parts yeah yeah don’t make it a little bigger wider I
mean there and then I think we’re gonna put I’m gonna put a stairway here on the
side yeah I’m gonna put the big balls here Undine I’m not sure if something’s wrong so
don’t worry one if something’s wrong you know we’re gonna retouch it again on the
top we’re gonna put a little round but it should be more little compared to
the so that we can see the perspective everyone should be smaller than the
bottom this is how I create perspective for these things like this there and here I’m gonna put some details like
our small pose or something so it might be a little complicated for
the beginners but I also little mean this one this will be really challenging
for them unable for me it will be challenging I’m gonna put some pose here
yeah and also here I would not make it a complicated design
I will just use some squares or something like yeah I think it will take time for us to
just do the sketching also you need to to a little flat here
on the top this porch or something I don’t know what to call this one maybe you know something can come in
yellow and also here you to put certain details like this yeah I put some flowers in the top of
this these parts okay so it’s really took me time just to do the sketching
and here you know that stairway but I’m not really using my I my skills
or some sketches for the perspective everyone just using my mind where to put
these things anyway of something wrong or something hard for this one no yes we
touch it later I don’t know more no worries about that I’m not sure maybe I’ll just put two
steps one two three three three steps yeah Jamie on the stairs yeah welcome to
put some flowers here anywhere but I think I’ll just make this one a
little clearer he handsome put some flowers now so that we can see a little
peel here in this part and then I’m gonna put the light coming from here on
the left side here it will be really known time like 11 a.m. or something it
will strike here and here I will cover a little more it some flowers and also here there should be some
flowers or plus a few things her plans or something and then here I’m gonna put the house
yeah and then this part should be the entrance to the house I’m gonna put it
here it should be on the perspective I think here again we can apply the
perspective it should be that we should think about the line here to this one
cuz it’s just be one point perfectly but I was just do it when you’re saying is
my eyes I’m gonna put some trace there covering
this part so that it’ll be easy for us to just cover it then to visualize and
paint this one this will be the roof of here I’m gonna get a little three and they put another one here there’s
more there this one I should adjust a little murder
perspective because it should be here the point and they milliput solving trees dance
anywhere I think I will put one huge tree here yeah
or yeah or maybe here just to cover some parts here it’ll be good
and in some face here okay so I think I am done with the sketching and it takes
me nightmares for this one yeah and I think I’m ready with think I’m ready with doing the LA kings
of colors so I’m thoroughly elementally sure if this looks good but I think it
is so I will do now is now a bigger brush it is the number 12 fat brush and
we have some blue and white here for the sky I really like this canvas everyone
is very smooth canvas there I want a really blue color on this guy
so I’m going to put Mountain here I just put a little white to to balance
the color to create some clouds there or something okay and then I’ll just use some pure
white just to create these clouds this fluffy Camila’s clouds yeah I just used this right away this
color pure blue colors just make it a little curved strokes
here there Amador what some white to the top of my brush and
I’m going to do it like this I can see the parts of the white pains in to
create some highlights there on the top you know that’s good okay I think that’s all we got enough
for this and then I’m going to do the the the
mountains so I’ll just used a little greenish color or proofreading something
like this just just this blue cream color and then it just makes this the color yellow and
blue in a little white to meet this color and make it a little softer now on
the top and they on the bottom you can use more
blue you can use more blue in a little right to make it purple and then a
little white yeah there’s a little purple colors here now the thing that
should be darker and that white hair I think this one is kid yeah and then what’s next I’m going to do a
little under in the ocean so just your small blue with a little yellow to make
some blue green and white yeah I’ll just stay this way
I like this color it is so careful in this part of the sketch but
don’t worry later just remember it you can put it again will to make a little
lighter on the wrap on the bottom on the top mean and some a little white to make
it to meet flow for me there there yeah yeah yeah and also here so that we can see
transparency but I think we can also tell it later
yeah this one a little complicated in this part but it’s not impossible my
hands a little tired Arun Hey Ya Simone is okay I’m sorry everyone someone is
finally me I’m sure it’s I hope it’s completely
everyone we need to check me okay yeah I think it’s to agree now you know
just continue adding more adding more under building okay so I will use this raw umber color to
put some darks there so here they go put some parts and also here I’ll use this raw umber and blue to wait
on darks getting here and then yeah and also here I just use super robber gained so I should see clearly the curves here
there and also here the curves there and they another here hello everybody I’m shaking okay so I will get it to yeah and also here I’m going to put some dark stones first okay so as you can see all crazy we’re gonna
put all those things those details and also here should put some plans here but
I need to put some more doctors first I can put more water everyone so that it
will to kill all the lights I mean the white parts there yeah well ties up or summaries yeah and here every time you put some darks so I said what are able to do to fill
first all the things for getting a start adding some more details there I’m going to do something I will feel
more like everything here okay so we have here two room bar and we put some
white now my paints are little dry now I think
like I think I took a break like 30 minutes yeah when I feel everything here now what I’m gonna do is to feel
everything it colors it’s a vertical locking game so here I’m gonna pull fill this part
with the light who amber yeah yeah I’m gonna put some Whomper I’m gonna
feel this part here it’s time I told darker lumber you can also spray with water everyone
so it’s very important sometimes I do this this will make us everything that we’re gonna use another raw umber good
white and benefits part yeah and those are here remember that our light is coming from
the top so usually some parts like this will be
a little dark but the natural or maybe I’ll change my mind later on and also
I’ll change the light yeah didn’t you feel everything over
here there
and then I’ll just use some darker green colors so just mix blue yellow and some
red don’t worry we’re just in the process of
blocking so I need to block everything before we’re gonna start adding some
details and also use any colors just to block
everything so your neighbor black here yeah maybe I will put a popper here this
part just a little part we didn’t I’m gonna put some plans like this yeah but some greens right the reddish color
or brownish there you go
and then remember and white thing I’m gonna
continue it here yeah we’ll make the roof a little red this
yeah or more brownish so red and remember I’m a little yellow to make it a little
orange I’m not satisfied for me alone okay
okay so we have a little more left Nitori feel some white there and I hear some white I’m gonna mix it
with our raw umber and we’ll have to put some perspective here yeah for the top of there there yeah yeah that’s it so then it is another
perfect perfectly circle there are some but parts here but this looks ok and
then I’m gonna feel everything here the bottom side you know and so we are still yet the
underpainting yeah and also a stairway you doesn’t matter
wedding feast really some it’s not perfectly good that you put there but as
long as it’s looks like that it will be okay so now I’m gonna fill everything so
this part I’m gonna put some pine trees here something about everything
I think I’ll put for some theatres here under these dark mountains I’m gonna put
some buildings or everything so here blue and the yellow to make some blue
greens in white okay we’re gonna put some details here
so it should not be so bright everyone mr. don’t be so bright yeah okay now I’ll put some houses there I
want to put want to see some houses or everything some buildings there in the
far part of the mountain but I think I will just put more white just put more
details here on the beach just a straight line everyone yeah yeah
and in all using with the raw umber and some white because I’m gonna put some buildings
here yeah interesting the number two flat brush
should be small but you can use the number one in the brush you can make it
a little lighter or something yeah yeah so another you cannot see clearly
some eat asunder for your mountains yeah I’m gonna put some more here
I mean uh put some trees on the back problem so I’ll be using a bigger brush
number of brush I’ve read about some pine trees yeah so
here you have some I’m gonna get some blue red and yellow now to the put it here there yeah
some pine trees in here so I think also here I also have gonna put some cheese under backpack to this it’s up more trees there on the back
okay yeah
blue and yellow okay so yeah I’m gonna put some buy into
your side so you get a first we gonna put a stop
like this and then we’re gonna collect that there yeah not just by increase ever but I have put
some other kind of trees here I’m gonna try to make this for tiger they have okay okay so here I’ll try to put
another kind of fee and I’ll just use this brush I like this brush herself you
can also use the bristle flat brush if you want err so here I’ll just cover this part here – blue yellow in the room and a black Anna
sorry not like everyone but thread to make it dark and also I was try to put some more
fries here yeah okay and then somewhere freeze bushes or
plants or flowers even flowers from different parts there you go okay I’m gonna use this smaller brush
made raw umber and white I will put some thickness here creators perspective it’s a little
picker everyone so we should be careful here I think I mean I need to use like
this okay I know so I think I’m gonna need to
try I’m gonna put a little bluish color mix it with this raw umber and yeah I’m
gonna put first under blue color I’ll put some tiny details here that’s what struck everyone downwards
like this yeah okay yeah yeah and then you can put a little dark some
shades on the bottom yes okay
yeah that there that looks good I cannot see clearly no details there
so I think I’m gonna do first this one but I think I’m gonna put more trees on
the back of this house so I will try to use the resource brush yeah I’ll give
using this yellow and red to dock your album with this color yeah okay now I’ll mix four greetings blue
and yellow yeah yeah we’re trading alone begins the topping technique they’re some yellow yeah and put some highlight here industry okay so first kid take a look sudden doctor see here
there darker shades I mean there so everyone if you hear some
noises children with background it’s just normal you know and my in my street
they’re always they’re playing outside okay yeah I think that looks good and I
think I’m gonna start adding little stairs oh my light coming from this left
side and it will strike here but it will be on top so here I have some yellow and
red to make some orange and in white I’m gonna add some details first of all to get and then the top of the roof there and then this one officer hello yeah so beautiful darker okay yeah and then I’ll be using some pro
unburdening some darks here you are fully ruined the children on my
background doesn’t bother you there
and then I’ll be using some blue color – yellow no blue row amber yeah and wait I’m gonna put a little shadow here yeah trust each other put some weight I know what it should be a little blue she run I
know so DC must aspire also I just been blue but I think I’m gonna
put some purple soon blue and red to make some purple and white there
yeah I wanted to be a lot more light there they’re also puts on remember we Dwight there so you need to put more colors – not
just one to make it look more really sticking good all right now try to put
some yellow or white in yellow for the highlights so it should be warm colors –
what just don’t put anything everything here and so put some white pure white to make
it glowing and make it look more glowing there do not make it too plain so you
can create textures there I’m okay I think so far it looks good yeah well-put for some casting shadow using
this dark bluish gray there okay now I will proceed think here
so first I need to put some highlights using this white and yellow stone yeah
you know what I think I need to put it here notice that but also I think I was just
both really pure white there because I wanted to be really glowy prepare yeah white will be good if you having a hard time using this
brush you can use a smaller brush yeah because I think this process is
really hard to equate pioneer details there if it is me if it’s not straight
everyone that’s fine because it is an old whole place nor place doesn’t have
really straight details like like me and of course you need to put on the
jungle put some yellow here I cannot support some pure white like
this yeah there you know just to remember I’m going to
make this street a little straighter a better there okay yeah and I will put slowly those
tiny arity lines and put some white so here a little lighter raw umber white and I’m gonna put some
light here the first part will be a little bigger
like this it should be straight everyone
there and then this one here so yeah and then I’ll start slowly
adding these details one by one make sure that it’s the same size and also
with the same distance I know so straight there okay and then also here the same thing everyone since Isis there okay yeah I think it looks good everyone
yeah yeah so probably like it okay so next thing I’m going to put a tinier
details on the left side so here I’m going to use this remember we the blue
color to make it darker yeah I’m gonna put it here we can see that thickness here yeah yeah
I’m gonna put a little lighter yeah the other side was so I’m gonna put it
here yeah okay yeah so yeah we just have to put all the
traffic every one so we can actually retouch later on but wait I need to put
something else here that so that it’ll be clear for them details here okay there yeah okay so I mean really slow in this
progress of run so I need to do it a little more quickly now so I will now
start to tour some retouching I have your white and lighter yellow here and
it already touched about something you see like the highlights there I put some white with a little blue
stone yeah and then I’m gonna put it here with up some bluestone Advanta with this
look more natural you can put some bluestone on the shades
so that it become more reflected lights there you can try to spray it with water so
that it will become more fluid and stuff okay now I will try to start adding some
some plants there anywhere so I’ll try to put some worse
more orange so the first one is first yellow and red I’ll chat about it here yeah okay my yellow they are and they know how to use some blue and yellow because I will put it here there I’ll put more hello and I’ll put
here what is planned here there but my yellow green and enzyme white my yellow and white yeah
just put it on top everyone to make it more look like glowing with highlights there I’ll make it okay and this time some yellow Herbert
Sarah there and they not just CLO but
something or put more red and then I will try more yellow and
orange and white you know say here yeah like this card is here okay so I’ll try
to put more details and highlights everyone so I think we’ll put some gaps
here yeah it’ll be Peters or raw umber and the blue yeah okay okay now I’ll put more details like this yeah later yeah and then I’ll put some cast its shadow
you see a smaller brush I think is wrong brush raw umber and remember and some blue and a little
white I’ll put some cast a shadow here a little shadow adding is too dark and I put my right
yeah but the shadow can be sharp but on the
inside it should be dark everyone yeah and also here yeah okay now I’ll add more darks here okay
yeah and then also here I’ll try to put on
cast a shadow I’ll try to put a little more fish and dark yeah I’ll try to put I’ll just use the
liner brush and I will try now to put pioneer details on the and the concrete you see yes just have to put some darks darker shades or something yeah there damn and then some pure white can add
more highlight here there yeah so far it’s kid okay now I also need to put on the
problem so let’s put some highlights on the grounds I need to pour some wine right some little yellow and then they
put it here yeah I guess I said don’t put random white color I’m gonna put I think not
just white color but that orange there yeah I’ll put more lights Charlie especially
here and more white yeah yeah yeah it looks good and all of you see this minor brush to
add some flowers I think I’m gonna put some flowers here white flowers first there
just a few dots yeah okay let’s look it and then I’m gonna
feel some yellows of my battery and then I will try to use this yellow to put some more flowers here there okay yeah okay so I’m going to put more flour so
here they are gonna put some more close-up plans but I will just for some
yellow greens yeah I’m using the number three elevator
flat brush I like to put closer plants because you
can see clearly that the distance between or some perspective
so of course 10 years old from beaker some white and then somewhere chill Greeks okay and I think I will put huge tree here
yeah okay kid I think it will create some balance here yeah but first I need to put those circle paths or flower pots so here I’m
gonna use this remember with white I will put it here they are too of
course first unit operator circles and then we’re going to create some some
flowers are ya first we put some dark colors the greens or yellow and blue and
red there I’ll just cover some parts there okay and also this one yeah and then I’m gonna use some light
blue so blue and no lemon that greens in blue and yellow and white I’m using just
a small purse everyone should be lighter I think I will make it a bougainvillea
flowers mmm pink and red be good
yeah I’ll let you try first I’m gonna continue adding some more deters there
no it’s me although I’ll put some plans here small plans on the ground like process or whatever
plans we can found the ground there there and even put some way to make it a
little later they’re like this tiny plants on the
ground here okay let’s first get your brother’s
sports um window here before I forget so using the raw umber or some window
here just do windows there and then the other one here and the bottom of course this one also I was just put a
wine window under and this one they’re on there okay and then between the window
and it’ll put some realism here some white there’s a little yeah it looks good and also I need to
put little tiny details here that’s a light I’ll protect the doctor for the shades okay yeah it’s not more alive everyone and so far I love it and I love there
I love it down there okay now I’ll try to port some some more red flowers
things on this plant here yeah some reed feet flowers I’ve just read but more like purple also there I will put some highlights only
sweet big flowers just white and red and should be look like Anarchy no I mean I
mean Rose put the highlights in the sides and we can break those can see a smart boy yeah okay so this one I wanted to put those a
red flower here I want it to be really pure red I’ll put the red color first there and then it’s put some highlights
okay so just red and white I’m using that number the liner brush put a little yellow this red okay I’ll try to put more away so here I’ll add more so yellow I put a
little Hahnemann red yellow and white put a
little yellow to make it more hard to make it brighter but some weapon my palate – put more
highlights okay so I think I will put more white just on the top everyone there
that’s just that but also I need to put more red and jello to make this colors
brighter and then some red can I put some drops here some tiny
traps of flowers and our underground movers I will put more rates to make it more
brilliant there I think this tutorial will cultural to
ours but I don’t care because I think the
result is really kid so I think I’m going to be touch more but on this side
here I think I’m gonna put like tower or rings or mercury which plants so but I
need to mix the yellow and the red wicked like orange first the highlights
will be yellow the air like this color so again just wait are those dots yeah yeah
and then you gonna use some yellow need to pure sample here everyone yeah just use the pure yell event for the
highlights such as Peoria but I’m gonna sorta put
white later but for now if you’re able to and then I’m gonna do some white yeah can those kids and then I’m gonna use more yellow yeah I just want to think I’m gonna with
this really wish and I just thought the word that’s Kratos yellow flowers there are they’re gonna use some white to create those very bright highlights
okay I’m also this one so I’ll just feel this
garden with flowers yeah yeah
and then not just but also red I think this one would be red it has tiny dots and you can create
those beautiful flowers you see in the smaller brush which is the liner brush yeah and then red and white with the
highlights they’re almost here okay yeah that this was very colorful okay so I think I’m gonna also put some Purple’s see here I’m gonna put more
blue and white here yeah so I think you need to put more
first little lighter blue you could create a little longer younger
leaves a longer flowers there and then we’re gonna use some red
mix it with the glue and invite to make some purples yeah okay so notice that every one I’m going
to put some white flowers of the ground tiny flowers at least lands there there okay so I open – mmm it does more I’m going to put some dark tones on the
base so that you can see clearly I’ll just use the raw umber directly here yeah
Munakata little atomic attacker and a little white and also this one and then I was trying to put highlights
there so I’m gonna use the white just put it here yeah and then put a little highlight clear and then I am now in the process
of retouching so I’ll just that they taught some parts and in Indiana see
here I would have put a little yellow and in white and red to make it a little
orange I’m going to beat this part at the light
there because I’m such an IT airstrike here to
be at a later okay and then we’ll be using some blue
and white no I’m not door my butt light purple so
I’m gonna put thread yeah this what is kid I just literally touch everyone put some
some purples or other colors and also here I’ll put some tiny purpose okay yeah I want more so I just put more and I’m going to attach the little
digest to a little wrapper there to be lot more painted here and
then I’m gonna put some purple for the highlights yeah yeah I think I’m loving the details
there yeah and also here okay yeah so first it looks good okay so I’m not sure what I’m going to
put but I am almost done everyone so or just here thing emerges retouch
sorry today Tamlyn some white okay so yeah I think I am done everyone
so you this has polka had invest but it took me more than two hours a day I’m
not sure two hours are almost over so okay everyone so I want to say thank you
for watching this video today and I hope you get something out of this and my
only advice is to keep on practicing keep on painting the more you do it the
more you sore breasts the more you will know how to mix the colors that’s why
I’m using limited colors a palette because I want you to learn to know the
mix and get the decide colors you want so place it like some comments subscribe
for videos in the future ok once again thank you have a nice thing can be shown
all the glory and honor and peace always belongs to the

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