How to Plant a Garden | Farmers Market Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

(playful music) – Hi! I’m Miss Penny and
these are KidVision kids and we’re here today to find out about fruit and vegetables. – Great! Hi KidVision kids and Miss Penny. Thanks for coming to Marando Farms. I’m Chelsea Marando. Let’s go to the market. – Yes, let’s go. (bell chimes) – So this is the market
where everybody comes to buy their fruits and
vegetables that we grow. – Wow, it looks like a rainbow in here. Look at all the colors. – Would you like to go shopping? – Yes, do you wanna do some shopping? – Yeah. – Oh yes, we’d love to. Thanks.
– Great, follow me. (upbeat music) ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪ (bell chimes)
(pop) – Wow, look at the beautiful
fruit and vegetables that we got from our market today. What do you see on this table? What does this remind you of? What do the colors remind you of? – A rainbow.
– A rainbow! And look, they’re in rainbow order. Let’s say the names in
the colors of the rainbow. Are you ready? – [In Unison] Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. – All of the colors of the rainbow. Isn’t it interesting that
nature grows the colors of the rainbow for us to eat. It’s like magic. It’s a wonderful thing. And I wonder, which of these are fruits and which are vegetables? How do we tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? – Well fruits carry their
seeds with them or on them. And vegetables, they flower or root or are a part of the plant. – Why don’t we cut up some of
these fruits and vegetables and see if we can find the seeds? What fruit or vegetable
should we start with? – Lemon! Lemon!
– A lemon. I wonder if this is a
fruit or a vegetable. Let’s see. (playful music) Do you see a seed? – [In Unison] Yes. – So, lemons are… – Fruits.
– Fruits, very good. – Can I have some? – Strawberries are very tricky. Where are the seeds on the strawberry? – On the outside.
– On the outside. – On the outside. They’re being super tricky,
they’re hiding their seeds right in front of our face. – But they’re still fruits. – They’re still fruit. Now, let’s see, which one do you think is a vegetable that we can cut? – Carrots. – Alright, let’s see. I don’t see any seeds. It’s not a seed because it’s a root. – [Chelsea] Yep. – A vegetable is part of a plant. I think we’ve got some broccoli here. You know what part of
the plant a broccoli is? It’s a flower. The broccoli is a flower. The carrot is a root. A kiwi, is it a fruit or a vegetable? – It’s gonna be green.
– Yummy kiwi! – Oh, there’s a lot of seeds.
– Oh, let’s see. – Is it a fruit? – It’s a fruit. (upbeat music) Let’s gather our scraps for
the farmer’s compost pile. (bell chimes) (pop) Wow, what I’d really like to
know about now is compost. I hear a lot about it
but I’d like to know, why is it important, and how do you do it? – It’s important because we
wanna reduce, reuse and recycle. – How do we do that? – Well, remember all
the fruits and veggies that you guys ate today? – [In Unison] Yes. – Well, we dump ’em in to
this bin, just like that. We mix it up with a little water and a little sunshine,
turns into fertilizer. – [Miss Penny] Compost
is a natural fertilizer made from leftover fruits and vegetables, leaves and brown paper. Compost helps plants grow
stronger and healthier. It’s like recycling food. Maybe we can take a look at what it looks when it’s ready to be fertilizer. – Fantastic, follow me.
– Okay, you ready? – Yep.
– You wanna see? Yeah, I do too, come on. (whoosh)
(bell chimes) Wow, we’ve had some great experiences. We went to the market and we picked out fruits and vegetables,
and we saw what’s a fruit and what’s a vegetable,
and now we’re gonna learn how to grow fruits and vegetables. Can you tell us about it? – Sure! All you need is a little bit of soil, a little sunshine, some
water, and some seeds. – Wonderful, and I see
that you don’t really have to have a lot of land to grow a garden. – You can do it in a small
pot or even a swimming pool at your school, or as big as you want. Would we like to add a little soil? – Yeah.
– Yes, let’s add some. We have to mix it up really good because we need the dry soil
and the wet soil to mix up. Ready? Mixing, mixing, mixing, mixing. (playful music) Would you like to grow some bean plants? – Sure!
– Okay, let’s grow some bean plants. Here we go. First we need good, rich soil. Then, we need seeds. Poke a finger in the
soil and plant your seed. You can plant seedlings too. Seedlings are seeds that
have already begun to grow. Carefully make room in the
soil and gently pat it in. Then water and watch them grow. – With a little bit of seeds and soil and some sunshine and some water, we were able to plant our garden. (playful music) – [In Unison] Bye! (playful music)

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