How to plant a rose outdoor in a garden autumn or spring

How to plant a rose outdoor in a garden, autumn
or spring. You need a rose and a piece of land.
It’s an extra bonus if you also have some compost or commercial soil, but that’s not
necessary. Dig a spacious and deep hole and save the
soil. Then, all we need to put back is this excavated
soil, since we are doing this in the autumn. If you have compost or commercial soil, add
it, fifty-fifty, and mix well. Put some of it in the bottom of the hole,
to create a nutritious foundation, and put the rose temporarely in the hole.
Just to check deep our friend will sit. Needless to say, you must be careful when
handling the small roots. If the ground is really dry, you can water
the hole. When everything looks OK, put the soil back
in. If this had been in the spring, we would also
have added and mixed in some rose fertiliser and/or bonemeal.
We don’t add that stuff in the autumn because we do not want our rose to growing a lot at
the end of the season. Therefore, no rose fertiliser in the autumn
and this includes bonemeal. But it is OK to add these fertilisers in the
spring. Some people put bark chips around the rose
but that is not necessary But if the ground is dry, put some water ontop
of the newly planted the rose. Good luck with your gardening!
Bye bye!

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