How to plant a Vegetable Garden: Gardening for Beginners

Hey everybody it’s Alexis from The Bedford
Life and I’m really excited because we’ve got Gesi the gardening guru back and
today she’s going to teach me how to grow vegetables in the garden. So my mom comes and tells me, clumps gotta go Koby Okay the soil has been prepared loosened
up which is a good start but it also helps to put – especially for a vegetable
garden an organic fertilizer in. It is always better under fertilize than over
fertilize. So this is going to be sprinkled onto the soil and then that
too is going to be turned in before we start planting. This way the plants have
some food to pull up as they start. That sh7t STINKS,,,, just saying. It’s
organic. This is how you do it. Sprinkle it on the soil and then it’s
going to get turned into the soil preferably the wind is not blowing this
caca into your face. Since this is such a
small bed we’re able to get to all parts of it without stepping into it and
compressing the soil. So you’re just turning it under. OK same type of peat
pot as used with the herbs in a previous episode ripping the bottom off to throw
that into the garden. We’re going to plant these first give the plants enough
room so that when they develop and get bigger they have room to grow and
there’s air circulation. Tomato plants are small now they will get bigger so
they’re going to need support. You can either support them with bamboo Stakes
which we’ll show you at another time or they actually make tomato cages which
you just press into the soil and that supports the plant. First we make a small
trench to put the seed in these are green beans are pretty big
seed so they need to be planted an inch down in the soil. Cover the
bean seeds with approximately an inch of soil. This not baking so it doesn’t have to be
exact Again plant the seeds according to the
instructions. These are very small so
you just make a row of them with your fingers. We’re done
pretty basic simple also during the season best to keep the weeds out of the
garden otherwise the weeds are taking the
nutrients from the soil of the vegetables you have just planted. Good
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  1. you guys are adorable.. and yes, you don't want a caca face LOL Gardening season is around the corner, get the shovels ready!!!

  2. Can anyone tell me the title of this music I love it and also the information on gardening thank you

  3. Thank you for replying I did hit the like button and I did subscribe still don't know title of tune but thanks for the information 🤔😊

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