How to Plant a Vegetable Garden : How to Use Compost in Your Vegetable Garden

Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. Hi! I like to talk
for a little while about compost in the garden. I’m a organic gardener so compost in my garden
is probably the most important key for behaving good soil structure, humus in the soil that
is later going to turn in to the food to my plants. Now compost could come in any number
of different ways you could get it bagged, pelleted from a commercial sources, but my
favorite way is to make a my own compost. Now my compost doesn’t finish up quiet as
nice as some of those commercial products but it uses things on hand in my yard and
it turns them onto the soil and you could see here that I have in my soil well there
is little bits of leaves, twigs, pine needles, and over the years of adding these to my soil
it helps really build up nice. You could see I could just dig in my soil with my hands.
I could dig down almost a foot bare handed. It is nice loose soil but my plants really
appreciate. The base line for my compost starts in the compost pile. Where I finish it up
as here in my compost crumblier. This allows me to turn compost over a lot quicker then
it would take if I just left things in the pile. Now the things to look for when you
make your compost is that nice dark black color that lets you know that you are really
breaking things down in to good organic matter. Don’t worry if things don’t finish off completely.
The worms and the microbes in the soil would help finish that off for you. Some great ways
to use this compost in the garden is to actually till it as a amendment and work into your
soil, but what I have done over the years and part of the reason I have such a nice
loose soil is simply to use this in the garden as a mulch, and as I plant new plants I simply
come in mulch around it with a little bit of compost. This helps preserve moisture in
the soil, it helps add the microbe organism that are necessary to release the natural
food sources in the soil and in the compost that I just added and it is the base line
for good organic gardening. If you don’t have a compost heap in your yard a compost tumbler
is a great place to start but certainly there is room in everybody’s yard to make your own

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  1. because of global crises and american recission on money matter, here in the philippines juct plant garden for you to survive

  2. you can just put some dirt from your garden in your compost, and bacteria from the dirt will start to work in your compost, and will produce worms etc..

  3. In all respects, one of the best videos ever seen on youtube. Thanks man, you really (actually really) helped! We'll have veggies growing soon, in part, big thanks to you. 

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