How to Plant and Grow Organic Okra

Okra sometimes called lady finger or
Bindi is a kitchen garden essential for cuisine such as Cajun, Indian, African, and
it’s served all over the southeast part of the United States. I’m going to show
you how to grow some. This gorgeous plant will grow to about five feet tall and
will provide beautiful hibiscus like flowers and seed pods that are yummy all
summer long. Spineless green okra is a gardeners
favorite as it is easier to harvest and it produces abundantly. Red okra is a
pretty choice for pickling and raw eating however the pods will turn green
is cooked. Okra loves the heat. It can grow in any
zone where corn and melons can be grown. If you are in too cold of a zone try
growing them in containers in a greenhouse or in a warm area. You can
plant okra seeds directly in the garden as long as the soil temperature reaches
75 degrees. You want a head start you can start your seeds 3 weeks before the last
frost date in a greenhouse. Okra sprouts better if you pre soak the seeds for 12
hours before planting. If you will be planting indoors use biodegradable pots
or soil blocks so you don’t disturb their sensitive roots when transplanting.
Okra plants tolerate just about any kind of garden soil so as long as they get
full sun and a little bit of water they should grow pretty well. Transplant or
thin your plants to 1 to 2 foot spacing with 3 feet between rows. Since it gets
so big consider how it will shade nearby plants when planning where to grow it.
Mulch your okra plants when they’re about 4 inches tall to prevent weeds and
to keep the soil moist. And watch out for common pests like aphids flea beetles
and stink bugs and for more information about that check out our organic pest
control videos. You should be able to start harvesting
your okra about two months after planting. So stay tuned to the next
session of growing okra when we’ll be harvesting and preparing and grow
organic for life.

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