How to Plant Crown Imperial Fritillaria: Spring Garden Guide

So Fritillarias, Crown Imperials I’ve
heard them called. I mean they are wonderful wonderful things and they they
look so beautiful when they’re growing up they they have this beautiful foliage
really nice deep green glossy foliage and then you get this crown and it
really is the reason they called crown Imperials they have this this crown that
is they drop down and it looks for all the world like a crown with the flowers
as the coronet around the edge of it. The beautiful and lovely first grade plants
these are and you can grow them in a pot ,on a patio, on a balcony
they’re gonna look absolutely magnificent and it’s so easy to do. All
you really need is pebbles in the bottom if you’ve got crocks, polystyrene
balls if you’re on a balcony for instance and weight weight is a problem
keep the weight down with polystyrene balls. It’s a good way to use up the old
packaging. So that’s just so that the moisture drains away, the bulb is
gonna swell up but that’s all it wants it wants the moisture to pass from the
rain or from you watering it and then it’s just putting in compost. Just fill
this with half-full of compost it really is as easy and as simple as that.
There’s no great effort required. Just do that tamp it down a little bit so you
take out the air pockets and we’re ready to plant. These giant Fritillarias from
Parkers are really really good. They’re a beautiful size and the bulbs are
fantastic. Now I’m planting Aurora which is a beautiful orange one, lutea yellow
which it really stands out and rubra orange red. You really can’t do any
better and the lutea the yellow one really shows off the crown Imperial the
name for the plant itself. So giant Fritillarias, you can’t go wrong. Now
in a pot this size I probably put three three is a nice number because they do
grow very big, they swell up quite a lot and the foliage would fill this
area on a balcony or a patio they look really stunning. Now these
really are top quality top quality bulbs and you might notice there’s a hole down
the center on lots of them and you might think that’s a bad one but
it isn’t. That’s the way they grow the flower actually comes out of there. All
these are going to do is swell up because they grow a little bit like an
onion with leaves and it’s these leaves that are going to swell up and then the
flower just come straight out the top beautiful dark green foliage. They really
are a wonderful thing and on a patio or on a balcony, this is going to give you a
real kick and it’s as easy as this. Three in a pot this size is more than enough
because it’s going to fill this with foliage and then a beautiful crown
Imperial on the top. Lovely and you just put the compost on the top and
what you need to do is leave about inch and a half two inches. You’ll have to
work that out in metrics, about 50 millimetres. if you leave about two
inches in the top that’s good enough. There you go just smooth it out, take
out the air pockets smooth like that and then pebbles on the top to stop the
birds pecking at it, stop the weed seeds going in and stop cats doing what cats
do. Just on the top of there in springtime I’ll tell you what, for that
little bit of work and fresh air that you’ve had, that it’s going to be
beautiful and you’re going to be overjoyed with that and you’re going to
say it’s wonderful that big Jeff, it really is. Well our Fritillaria really brightened up the
patio. Here’s a look at the yellow variety Crown Imperial in full bloom.
You’ve got to say that looks lovely

5 thoughts on “How to Plant Crown Imperial Fritillaria: Spring Garden Guide

  1. Wonderful! I am from India. I wish the weather conditions where I live were conducive to growing all the beautiful plants you talk about!

  2. QUESTION: I received SEEDS from China marked "Fritilla imerialis lutea (Yellow Crown Imperial). Are these the same thing? If I am planting seeds, WHEN do I plant them (in zone 7)? and should I start them indoors first? Thanks.

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