How to Plant Iris Reticulata Pixie: Spring Garden Guide

Now Iris are beautiful they really are. But
the tall flag iris that flowers in early summer I mean a bed of those looks
beautiful but not everybody’s got a space for them all the time to actually
wait and do all that’s necessary with them but what about the dwarf ones. Iris
Reticulata I looked up on the net what reticulata meant, it means golden net.
News to me as well but that’s what they like tiny little bulbs like that but
this that little bulb is going to be the most vibrant thing in the springtime in
your garden I promise you if you planted that 30 feet away your eyes would
automatically go to it. Now pointed end up that’s all you have to do and a few
crocks in the bottoms, pebbles, polly balls anything you like can go in there.
Multi-purpose compost. it’s nothing special all it’s going to happen is
those bulbs are going to swell up they’re gonna get bigger and bigger and
then a beautiful flower is coming out usually in shades of blue, purple but
really really vibrant so it actually stands out in the garden today I’m
planting Iris Reticulata Pixie and it’s from Parkers a really good quality bulb.
It’s a beautiful violet blue with each of the petals marked with a golden
yellow and white. Really does brighten up the garden in February and March
you won’t be disappointed with this grows to about eight to ten centimeters
a wonderful flower now don’t forget pointed end up you can
get quite a lot here this is a bag of about fifty but go in there and all
you’ve got to do is place them around there don’t forget they’re gonna swell
up so don’t pack them in together it’ll probably put about twenty-five in
here because every one if you plant them with a bit of space every one
is going to flower and they’re gonna stand out and be beautiful on a patio
because everybody’s got a big garden on a patio or on a a balcony in a backyard
just on a table outside they look absolutely stunning and Springs
when you’ve done something like this just for yourself
Springs worth looking forward to. They put the little green heads out of
the ground and you think i’d forgotten about them, and up they come. and be careful though because you could get hooked
on doing this. this is the thing to go for so it’s a a dismal time of year but
it’s nice and warm inside this shed and that’s all you have to do they’ll grow
quite happily there I just top it off with another layer of
compost it really couldn’t be easier this is all you have to do if you do
this you’ll have success every time just tamp it down get the air pockets out
cover it over now what I do is I put a layer of gravel on the top this stops
the squirrels and the birds taking away and dropping weed seeds on there to
gravel now I’m going to take that outside, give it a good soak and for the rest of
the bulbs get into the border this is just a spot because they stand out they
are really marvelous like searchlight plants really beautiful colors and it
couldn’t be easier really you don’t even need a trowel three times the depth a
little roll these are just a spot here that will do perfectly just pop them in
pointed end up as many as you like cuz they’ll come up and there they
really are good doers as they called they come up time after time with no
problem at all so you don’t have to do anything over much even more just Tete a Tete in here the tulips down there I’ve planted that many I cannot tell you but
it’s going to be a riot of colour in the spring, early summer. This is gonna look fantastic.

11 thoughts on “How to Plant Iris Reticulata Pixie: Spring Garden Guide

  1. I love your videos! Thank you! I have many of them in my backyard and i never thought of planting them in the pots. its a very good idea for my patio. Thanks again!

  2. Hi sir 😊..someone gave me an iris plant..but I doubt it is because it has no bulb or rhizome😢 there a kind of iris with only roots?

  3. I am from India. I have seen only orange colour iris with long leaves just like a paper fan. This one very beautiful. Don’t you have this orange iris there?

  4. I just got a box of them. What is the right time to plant them. I am hoping to plant in a container just like you showed. I live in Canada. Please suggest.

  5. I am going to have a second attempt with the dutch iris bulbs. I am in Zone 3 in Canada and last winter was extremely cold with heavy snow cover. This Spring there was nothing but mushy bulbs. I know heartbreaking right? So my query is, do I store my potted bulbs in the unheated (insulated) garage until snow melt time? I have room for them with my potted hostas and lilies.
    Thank you in advance of your reply.

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