How to Plant Large-Flowering Crocus: Spring Garden Guide

You’ve caught me at my favorite pass time, drinking tea. Now Crocus, spring times coming, Crocus are the first. They’re not
the first but they really stand out in the garden even from a long distance
away. The big flowering yellows, purples, oh stunning things. Lovely white ones. Now that’s the sort of bulb that you’re
gonna plant. That’s the best quality big bulb, but there is the smaller delicate
species ones, worthwhile seeking them out. Half the fun of gardening is finding an
interest. You find a crocus but then you start looking around for different
varieties, different quality of bulbs, and the species one I tell you, you’ll be knocked out by the
delicateness of the… is that a word, delicateness? but you’ll be knocked out
by how nice these are sort the big ones the little ones doesn’t really matter
they’re all crocus and we’re gonna put some of these in the boarder. I tell you what, springs
coming so there’s a couple to choose from and lots and lots of colours the
species ones 5 to 6 centimeters are lovely little things but the larger
flowering ones, larger bulbs 7 to 8 centimeters, you can’t go wrong with
either. Now if you’ve got a spare bit of soil, put a bulb in. You can’t really go
wrong and Spring’s coming. I’m doing the large flowering crocus, lovely things.
They’re gonna look great in this border and it couldn’t be easier right to the front
here, cause I’ve got different bulbs at the back this Crocosmia’s trying to eat me. I
think look just in there just get yourself a little channel and just move
it along like that. They don’t need much, only about 3 times the diameter of the bulb to go in.
Now this is quite heavy soil, it’s very wet very damp, so what you do is you a
little bit of gravel always have a bag of Alpine grit, cause the bulbs hate,
absolutely hate, being stood in water. They’ll just rot off, they won’t work at
all, but you can put these in little pockets you know half a dozen, don’t
forget pointed end up always the pointed end up, down the bottom and that’s all
you need to do, and then you just cover them over, now you’ll forget you’ve done
this but in the springtime you won’t forget
so it really is as simple as that. These are large flowing crocus, you’ll
get a beautiful spike of flower two or three inches tall, wonderful yellows,
whites, deep purple, blues, they really are wonderful, they’ll go in the lawn, in
the border, in pots, so versatile, bit like me really.

9 thoughts on “How to Plant Large-Flowering Crocus: Spring Garden Guide

  1. Hiya Mr Parker 😁 i wonder if you can help me ?i am a very keen gardener but this is my first year of planting bulbs and i have done dafs, tulips, russian snowdrops, and crocus , i have noticed that they are showing already , is that right ? , by showing i mean the tips are showing . we have had some unusual warm weather here in west sussex but is that correct or have i done something wrong , and should i cover them with some soil or leave them . i did follow the planting depth suggestion on the packs , Cheers , Baz

  2. Hey there ! A cup of tea sounds lovely about now ! I was looking on your site, and I just love all the flowers you have available in your shop. The only catch is, I'm from Minnesota. Therefore my question is, do you ship to the USA ? Happy Holidays, Julia

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