How to Plant Ranunculus: Summer Garden Guide

I promise you is not a dead spider,
Ranunculus Asiaticus, that’s how it comes, but to me and you, giant buttercup.
So this is how they come, like a dead spider, and that’s what they swell up to five
times the size, over night soaking and then straight into the pot. You have no
problems with these at all, now planting couldn’t be easier
Few crocks in the bottom to help the drainage, a multi-purpose compost, any
manufacturer does, it doesn’t matter. They’re all made to pretty much the
same formula, a nice multi-purpose compost, the manufacturers will tell you
there’s a lot of difference but there isn’t. Nice multi-purpose, then straight
into it, now just on the sizes, they come in two packs in the mail order, a pack of
25, which is a normal bedding Ranunculus. Beautiful lovely plants for your patio or
you can go for the exhibition quality, but just for those that don’t know, the
very eye that has a growing tip in the center, the tuber cascades down so that’s
the way you plant it, probably about three centimeters deep, six centimeters
between each cascade, beautiful thing, and you can see one stood out, the
actual relationship between a buttercup. Now in a pot this size probably about
five of these will be plenty, and these have an added bonus, if you just space
them out around there, five of those on a patio is going to give you
magnificent colour and a really different unusual plant. Now the added bonus is you can use these as cut flower so if you didn’t put them on your patio and you wanted to grow some cut flower because it’s a very different plant, you don’t get them
in florists very much, you don’t get them in garden centers very much, they really
are a magnificent flower. If you wanted to give somebody a bunch of flowers,
that’s something completely different, and it really is just as simple as that.
With five of the exhibition size in there, that will give you a massive
flower. You can put it on your patio as I say cut flower, and
if you wanted to do something really special for somebody really special
grow a part of these and there’s one called Pauline it’s about eight times
the cost of the normal exhibition warm but a beautiful deep purplely-blue
flower, I tell you what nobody nobody would have that, so if you don’t mind
spending a bit of money hey brownie points, it’s all about brownie points.

53 thoughts on “How to Plant Ranunculus: Summer Garden Guide

  1. Thank you for the information. I am going to attempt planting flowers for the first time and I wasn't too sure on what to plant for the spring, but I stumbled on the ranunculus flower and I'm going to look into trying to plant some. =)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! They're great little flowers, very interesting shapes, definitely worth a try. Good luck, let us know how you get on!

  3. "Dead spiders" haha- I just love your videos! Always informative with just enough humour and charm- thanks for this 🙂

  4. great video, the sound is quite low, I had to put my volume on full to hear it. where does one get exhibition quality ranunculus? I had know idea these existed. I agree, such an underrated plant, they are like mini peonies. my local tescos is selling them this year in small bunches mixed with tulips.

  5. can you give me some tips on watering. the packet says not to water after planting, but I've seen videos on here that say water as soon as planted. What is the best thing to do?

  6. Thanks for the comment! The sound appears to be a good volume on ours but we will have a look at that when we make our next video!

    Our J. Parker's tubers used in this video are exhibition size 5/6cm tubers for the best cut flowers, they are available online via the link found in this video's description. Five will fill a pot as demonstrated by Jeff, and we recommend mixing up colours for best results! Thanks for your interest, let us know how you get on.

  7. As for watering we highly recommend soaking our tubers before planting. This allows them to soak up the moisture they require for growth and speeds up flowering. Once they are in the soil, they should not be watered again until the first signs of growth – this is to avoid rot.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions!

  8. how long does it take for Ranunculus to come out ? i planted 5 rots indoor last week because the weather in Toronto is around -2 c to 5 c ,so I did not put the pot in balcony. i hope that this year nothing happen to them like last year . last year i planted them late spring and weather was hot and lots of water damaged them .

  9. I love these but I always end up killing them – they rot. Now I know from you comment. Thanks for the good info. I'm going to try again.

  10. Glad we could help! Really helps to soak first rather than planting in damp soil. Shallow planting will also help! Thanks for the comment & let us know how you get on, good luck!

  11. Hi, this really depends on whether you soaked prior to planting. If you did, we usually find we see signs of growth within 2-3 weeks, but if you didn't it can take longer for the tubers to take in moisture from the soil and grow.

    The best we can recommend is if you didn't soak to keep the soil moist but not overly damp, you should see growth still but it may take a little longer! Hope this helps – let us know how they do!

  12. wow thanks a lot for your advice it really help. After 3 weeks now i see that they are growing well. recently i found that i should not water them after planting because it cause them to rot. today i bought another one im going to plant them 🙂

  13. That's great! Really pleased to hear we could help. They are great little plants, your balcony must look amazing by now!

  14. I live in Oklahoma (zone 7), I would like to plant these in my flower bed. Would the process be the same for planting? And when should I get these bulbs in the ground?

  15. Love these videos.  But what about planting them in the ground? Can you leave them in the ground for the next year?

  16. Just found this and thank you so much for your wonderful advice!  Can I ask for a bit more advice? Our daughter will marry in October (we live in North Ga. USA) She loves Ranunculus and I would love to grow and time them for Oct. 25!  Could you suggest an indoor growing schedule for me?  Thank you sooooo much!

  17. I remember when I was a teenager, my dad planted rannunculus in the front garden. One of the easiest flowers out there to grow! 

  18. In your video you talk about exhibition ranunculus flowers.  I've searched a bit on the internet and cannot find anything about them or the purple ones you mentioned.  Perhaps I cannot find anything about the purple because I don't know how to spell it.  Can you share both the name of the flower and the best place to order the exhibition bulbs?

  19. this is a lovely video tutorial, I will be sharing it in my upcoming Ranunculus blog post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  20. what is the diameter and depth of the pot to put the 5 corms in? I would like to grow 1 per pot so I can plant them out later. What pot dimensions? Will they sprout faster if given underneath heat/ propagated? 15 C is summer temperature here in Sweden. is sprouting better if place the pots of corms in a glazed unheated balcony?

  21. thanks for the video. I just bought 3 days ago a lot of ranunculus with a beautiful flowers. I put them in my terrace, it´s now 10-13 ºC degress, so it´s not very cold. But 3 days after buying them the flowers are down. What happened? they have sun in the morning, but we still in winter so it is not cold neither hot. I put a little bit f water.

  22. Excellent video. I'm in the southern hemisphere in Buenos Aires so now, in our May it's time to plant them. Hope to see how they grow and thrive.

  23. these are very popular in California. My mom bought new corms every year, picking through boxes to carefully select the largest. Soaked overnight, yes, and planted in her heavy clay soil amended by years of rodent cage bedding( my friend's dad raised mice & rates for laboratory use)–they were magnificent. As were the coral bells that followed for summer. Love your accent–my dad's people were from Cambo up north.

  24. When would you advise they get potted and plopped outside? Early autumn? January? They are my absolute favourite flowers, so I want to grow them but space on my city balcony is at a premium, I don't want an empty pot where I could have flowers or greenery!

  25. Charming! I found a bag from a year ago, I've hydrated them, and will plant them. Crossing my fingers they'll surprise me. Lovely pink and white

  26. I love this video bc he’s straight to the point. I’ve searched for answers to how deep the pot needs to be and he just answered

  27. Lovely and enjoyable video clip, but I wanted to know much more.  I wanted to know about the heat they require, when to plant them, how to overwinter them, what time of year can they be planted in order to get blooms the same year.  I wanted to know about the positioning, whether they will grow in the north of England (e.g. Yorkshire Pennines) or if they are better for more southern climates (e.g. Devon, Kent, and Cornwall).  I wanted to know about feeding, watering, whether they are prone to any pests or diseases, whether they should be protected from wind and rain.  Whether they need staking.   I do know that the bulbs are best treated like dahlias corms and in cold and frosty areas, given protection for during the winter.  As Ranunculus Asiatica (Persian Buttercup) has a high failure rate, novice growers need to know much more to enable success.

  28. My Ranunculus is now 6-week of age. How long should i expect to see it flowering. I am so eager to see it now. And…thank you for the video

  29. I'm from south coast UK. Can you use these as a perennial and leave in the ground over winter? Or do you lift them and over winter like a Dahlia or are they only good for one season? think I'll start mine off indoors around March/ April ?

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