How to Practice Square Foot Gardening

How to Practice Square Foot Gardening. Square foot gardening doesn’t require a lot
of space, so it’s a great way to fit a garden into your life. Here’s how you do it. You will need Layout Box frames Amended soil
Grids Plant seeds Water Compost Walkways (optional) and seed packets (optional). Step 1. Choose a layout that does not require you
to walk on the beds; 4-by-4-foot beds are a good choice. Allow adequate spacing for walkways — 3-foot
aisles work well. Step 2. Build or purchase garden box frames. They can be made of practically any material,
but don’t use wood that has been chemically treated. The boxes should be from 6 to 8 inches high. Step 3. Fill the boxes with amended soil. A soil mixture of one-third compost, one-third
peat moss, and one-third vermiculite is recommended for square foot gardening. Step 4. Construct grids of 1-foot-square segments
as overlays for your beds. You can use wood or plastic strips fastened
together by screws or rivets for the grids. Step 5. Make holes in the soil with your finger and
plant seeds in the grids. Plant a different type of seed in each square
foot segment. Check the recommended spacings on the back
of seed packets for planting densities. If a plant requires a larger growing space,
use more than 1 square foot segment. Step 6. Water seedlings with sun-warmed water. Step 7. Add some compost to the soil each time you
harvest. Then replant with a different crop. Now you’ve mastered the happy art of square
foot gardening. Did you know The first Arbor Day took place
on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska.

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