How to Propagate Rhapis Palm or Lady Palm and Care Tips

Subscribe and press the bell icon on the Youtube app and never missed another update from Green Bengal. Hello friends welcome to my channel Green Bengal I’m Avishek today I am going to show How to propagate Rhapis palm and it’s care. Rhapis palm is an evergreen perennial ornamental house plant growing up to 3-4 metres tall. It’s commonly known as Lady palm. It’s belongs to the Arecaceae family and
scientific name is Rhapis excelsa. This is an excellent evergreen house plant
for bedroom, office, mall etc. The NASA recommended one of the best air purifying house plant is Rhapis palm. It’s mainly native to the Southeast China and Taiwan. Rhapis palm mainly propagate through seedling
and sucker cutting. In this video I’m going to show you how to
propagate Rhapis palm through sucker cutting. Maximum nursery people are following this method
and you can get almost 100% success. This is sucker. First of all separate the sucker from the main plant. After sucker division grow it individual pot. Now I’m make potting mix for Rhapis palm. The ratio of the potting mix is 70% normal
garden soil, 20% vermicompost and 10% fine sand. I’m already prepared this potting mix. Take a well drained pot and fill it with some
potting mix. Take this sucker and planted into the pot. Finally give some water and keep it partial
shade place. Rhapis palm is a very low maintenance plant,
don’t need any special care for this planet. The caring tips of Rhapis palm. 1) Soil : It loves well drained and moist soil. 2) Light : It’s prefer bright indirect sunlight. This plant don’t require too much sunlight. 3) Watering : Keep soil evenly moist in spring and summer. In winter, allow soil to dry between thorough waterings. 4) Temperature: Best grow average room
temperatures 16-26°C. Hope you enjoy this video, please like my
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