How To Recycle Coffee Grounds Into Compost

(upbeat instrumental music) – [Curtis Smith] Welcome back, I’m Curtis Smith. Today we’re visiting in
the garden of George Duda. George is a forester with
New Mexico State Forestry, but he’s also a composter. And George, I see you’ve
got a mountain here that you’re composting. I’ve got a mountain of recycled
coffee grounds, Curtis, and coffee grounds are
very good for our soil as an additive, as an amendment. But they’ll compost all winter long. – So you’re gonna be composting
right through the winter. How will you know that it’s
working through the winter? – It’s working by either
sticking your hand in there or by putting your compost thermometer in the heart of the pile. And right now it’s
reading about 106 degrees, which means it’s working. – And it’s not that warm out here. – No, it’s not. – So that temperature’s
coming from inside there as the organisms are decomposing. It’s working very well, and you’ve got other compost piles around. But this is an interesting
one, composting coffee. – Yes, it’s about a cubic yard or more, and it’ll work down during the winter. Of course, I’ll be
using that in the spring to add to my soil in the springtime. – It’ll make your vegetables grow better. – Absolutely. – Keep ’em awake all summer. – Little coffee flavor.

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