How to recycle pallets and make a compost bin from them

First, gathered the pallets that I’m going to tear apart These are smaller pallets They only require straightening the nails on the back side Pounding them out a little And then tearing them out from the other side 6×6 cm wood posts for stakes that I’m going to pound into the ground Cutting them sharp, eye for measuring All the required tools gathered, ready for assembly Size of the bin in determined by the length of the boards Put one close to the posts for measuring the width Leveling the posts isn’t important right now When the first round of boards is attached with screws Then I complete the front/back walls while leveling the posts again Use a piece of scrap board to make the ventilation gaps on the walls I made sure the walls were level before boarding up the side walls Trimming the posts Screw together two boards at a 90 degree angle to make the corners nice Treating it with tar oil Seen here is use of child labour

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