How to regrow green onions from scraps | Water vs. Soil | Garden Organizs Garden Tip #1

Please Listen Carefully Green Onions are one of the many vegetables that you can easily regrow at home Imagine never having to buy green onions again In this video I’m doing an experiment to see if the green onions will grow better when placed in water or replanted soil Over the week watch as the green onions grow The green onions that were placed in water started to regrow their roots and got bigger daily Here you can see over a weeks growth When placed side by side it looks like the green onions placed in water grew larger and healthier Regrowing your green onions from scraps that you would have otherwise thrown away Is a fun easy home garden project Place them in a window seal and grow Use when your culinary cravings see fit When done just place them back in the water and remember to change the water every few days. Happy Gardening 🙂

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