How to repair lawn – top dress – organic compost

OK so today we’re going to repair
this lawn. We’ve got a 100% compost from ‘Landsave Organics’. We will reseed first with couch seed and then we’ll spread
spend this how 2 percent compost mix around and give this one a chance to
recover. All right so we’ve put 100% compost mix different to a usual top dress of 80% sand 20% compost because this lawn was under significant
stress and when I got underneath it there was no goodness underneath it. This will is improve the soil from the top down. You notice we’ve got smaller piles over here where the grass is doing okay In the middle it got scorched, and got cut too short.
It will get more compost in this most damaged part. I’ll show you how to do that. Davo speaks: “Morgan and the dead grass”… thanks Davo Pan around you’ll see what we’ve done with the compost. Less where it’s a bit greener on
the sides and now we will show you how to spread the compost. 1st – rough spread 2nd – We want to rake it because this
lawns actually got some grass blades We work the rake backwards and
forwards what that’ll do is seat the compost down below the grass blade for
the level of the dirt which is what we’re trying to improve…. Finish with the level spreader…. Okay so that’s the compost all spread out. We will just turn sprinklers on while we go and get the next load for the front yard so that’s going to water in all the fine
stuff… so the spots where it’s a bit darker that you can see where there were
holes in the roll on lawn just on the unevenness. This compost is not going tofix all of that up but it’s certainly going to help. At some stage depending onhow it grows out it may need a further top dress just for a leveling dress but
that won’t need to be compost. So this will feed this lawn just beautiful. Cute music plays Look how green that is and look how well
it’s recovered in the middle where it was just dead….Bluddy awesome.. And that’s the front lookin spec…tac…ular

10 thoughts on “How to repair lawn – top dress – organic compost

  1. Good job guys,I've recently started hot composting a mix of horse manure,cow manure,kitchen scraps,leaves etc and have 3 bins 1200x1200x1200 bins ready.I want to improve the soil in my gardens and raise the lawn level along with amending the soil.Can I use this mix on my Queensland blue couch straight?or should I cut it with sand and which sand?River sand?Sharp sand etc?Any help would be great.Thanks.

  2. Awesome job guys, start of winter here almost , had no rain in quite a while front lawn starting to be a dust bowl so I went to my local horse stud and got so really good composted shavings and manure and spread over the lawn ? Sort of lol hoping this will do the trick, fingers crossed.

  3. So why not just use a plugger and then add a top-dress? The grass is withering from lack of root growth and topping it like that just cause the roots to run up which causes even more problems.

  4. Great video thanks.. where did you purchase that level spreader? having a hard time finding a similar tool.

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