How to Revitalize your Old Potting Soil. The Total Procedure.

Good morning friends Good morning friends I am Sutatel Lowal and you are watching my YouTube Channel Gardening is my Passion Today’s episode is How to rejuvenate your old soil in your pot so if you are screening, all these are spentup pots and you have used all these plants you have brought all these pots are gone and these soils are all used up and you have to rejuvenate it, you can recharge your soil, first what you have to do is just take out all the old potting soil so as you can see, these are all the root balls here, all the roots are here and you have to remove all the roots from here just you have to and you have to remove all the roots from here just remove all the roots from here we are remove all the roots from the old soil and remove all the stems and roots from here and remove maximum possible roots from here becuase once the roots are rotten they produce jebaralic acid that is a hormone and will make your root seedlings laggy now what you have to do, you have to keep it under direct sunlight for 2 days so that all the insects and all the larvae and all the ants can go away from this so you have to keep it dry under direct sunlight for 2 days after 48 hours of under direct sunlight, it is totally dried up so you can see this is totally dried up soil and now what you have to do is you have to mix it with the total dried soil you have to mix at least 25% to 50% fresh dry soil you mix here with with the presoil this is part number 3 you have to mix here with the dry soil so I am getting fresh new dry soil here 25 to 50 percent Iam mixing here with dry soil so 50 percent or 75 percent is old soil, and 25 to 50 percent is new dry soil that here we mix it up this is step number 3 now the step number 4 is is to mix with some of the manures and some furalizers so that the soil should be energized with so many nutrients so I am mixing with it some of the ground, this is mustard cake powder and I mix in two fistfulls of mustard cake poweder and some of vermicompost this will energize and compress all your soil with all your new nutrients come out from here this is tip number four now we are mixing it properly so soil is recharged with all the nutrients now we mix it with some of the these are all the bone meal so I will be mixing two fistful of bone meal and I will be mixing lime powder lime powder is essential for the acidity you should remove all the acidity from the soil and all the larvae and eggs will be removed using lime powder and mix it well , this is tip number five now step number six is to mix some NPK, you can use any kind of NPK 90/90 10 20/20 what ever is there, you can mix some of the NPK so NPK will grow all your roots all your foliage and all your flowers that is going to help I will be mixing a fistful of super phosphate so super phosphate helps is lots of health and growth so don’t mix much, just little bit this will be enough for sever to eight pots and now we use some pottash pottash will help you in your flowering and all so don’t add much and these are all I am mixing here and finally I will mix in so that all the larvae and all the insects and all the larvae will die so no larvae will grow and no insect will attack here and nothing will attack so now I am mixing of this these are the Thimet insecticide and I can show you how to mix one teaspoon will be enough This is poison, so just be careful two teaspoonful of Thimet and now I am mixing it properly so friends this is the soil ready now what I am going to do is just water it slightly water it until it is moist and keep it for 15 days in such way so that all the power all the excess of the heat can evaporate so after that this spoil will be ready after 15 days so we are now watering this and keep it under direct sunlight after watring 15 days you keep it here and then use it in your pot so friends after all the processes are over you have to water it, sprinkle water don’t make it soggy just make it slightly moist so that all the chemicals can combine with each other and this soil should be ready so after this process leave it for 15 days and all the heat all the chemicals will go on and then it will be complete this soil will be ready after 15 days this spoil will be totally ready for repotting any flowering plant or foliage plant in this soil now we come back after 15 days so this is the soil totally dry and you can see this soil is ready for repotting I am taking it here and collected it here so this is the soil I am ready and I am going to pot it Friends Now my soil mix is ready, recharged soil and I am going to plant some cochae some genae and some of sunflowers here and I am going to repot and replant it this is a 4 inch pot and there is a hole at the bottom and I am taking some of the soil here and just tap it here and just take out the root ball from here place it and give it soil around this is my soil pot and it is ready these are the two cochaes I have planted these are two now I am keeping aside now I am going to pot two of the genaes same process give some of the soil mix this is the plant of genae some of the genae plant mix sealings were there with me so I am potting these ones taking out this root ball all are genae now I am going to plant some of the sunflower same process two of the sunflower seedlings are here with me and now I am potting the sunflower these are the mini sunflowers and you can get at least 30 to 40 flowers each time in this one single plant adn the diameter of the flower will be 3-4 inches and nice yellow color and black seeds so these are all the plants I grown here now I am going to water them so just water them wherever you are growing new plants just water them this is the basic principle of gardening so that is all and I will give you an update after 15 days how these plants have grown so friends welcome back after 15 days so all these plants are ready you can see these are the two cochaes and two genaes here and these are the two sunflower and these are about 8 inch tall these are around 6 inch tall so this is the process of recharging your old soil into new potting soil many of my fellows have helped me all have help me in making all these processes I thank them and I hope you enjoyed the video

24 thoughts on “How to Revitalize your Old Potting Soil. The Total Procedure.

  1. Agr fresh garden soil na ho to aur kya mix kre, hr baar new soil mix krne se soil jyada hoti jati hai n hr baar garden soil lana mushkil hota hai

  2. Sorry to remind you that I prefer you use a small scoop to scoop d soil instead of using bare hand.At least please use a plastic glove.
    Tq for d advice n tips. BYE !

  3. wear white pants! While working with dirt. Amazing you stay so clean. Thank you for the tips.


  5. How do you manage your small plants to get root bound in such small pot. My seedlings refuse to grow in theirs or, im just impatient idk.

  6. Hi
    Please let me know what should I do to get rid of earthworms and other worms in my potting soil
    Is it good or bad to have worms in the pots

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