22 thoughts on “How to set up Compost Planted Tank – Cheap n Tested (Hindi/English)

  1. Its really nice Tushar .. Grt effort. Can you guid how often we have to clean the water of Tank.. because currently I have small aquarium with 3 gold fish but I have to clean water every 4- 5 Days

  2. Pani kitane din me chens karana padega sharu me kabatak fish kab dale thodi informetion dijiye ga please

  3. I have 16 gallon dutch style planted tank,I want to keep it hi-tech tank plz advice to me which type light I use in this tank and how I got.

  4. Hi I have bought this bio organic manure from urban green company can I mix it with soil and put it in the tank?

  5. Hi bro i m new in planted aquarium hobby.i take a tank 24×18×15 .& 2 kg fertilizer & 4 kg sand brown colour .how much more sand require ?& Can i use the sand which use in building with cement ? How make layer one bye one plz help bro

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