How to Start Seeds & Transplant Seedlings to Your Tower Garden®: Planting Instructions

– [Voiceover] Congratulations
on assembling and filling your new Tower Garden. Now you’re ready to
grow, so let me show you the most successful
way to prepare and plant seedlings
in your Tower Garden. First, take the
seed starter tray provided with your Tower
Garden Growing System, and thoroughly wet the
rock wool starter cubes. If possible, use filtered water, or bottled drinking
water without chlorine. Let them soak for 30 minutes. Next, you’re ready
to add your seeds into the seed holes in the
rock wool starter cubes, per instructions on
your seed packet. After you’ve added your
seeds, lightly fill each seed hole with the
vermiculite included in your Tower Garden
Growing System. For smaller seeds, like lettuce, only fill the hole half
full with vermiculite. This will keep just enough
moisture around the seed for good germination. It may be helpful to
label the rock wool, so you know where each
seedling is growing. Now, gently sprinkle
a little water over each hole to
wet the vermiculite. When you’ve finished,
add a little water in the bottom of the
container for extra humidity. Do not close the lid. If it’s a warmer time of year, place your seeding tray outside in a semi-shaded area. If it’s a colder time of year, place your seeding tray inside by a sunny window. Each morning, be
sure there is about 1/4 inch of fresh water
in the bottom of the tray. After your seeds have sprouted
through the vermiculite, immediately move them to
a full sun area outside, once all danger of
frost has passed. You can add the diluted
Tower Tonic solution from your nutrient reservoir
every other morning to the seed tray in
place of fresh water. Once your seedlings are
approximately three inches tall, they should be healthy seedlings with a good root system growing
from your rock wool cubes. At this point, your
seedlings are ready for transplanting in
your Tower Garden. Place one seedling cube
inside each net pot on the Tower Garden. Gently press the seedling cube until it touches the
base of the net pot. Otherwise, the seedlings
will not get watered. If you don’t have time to start your own seedlings,
it’s possible to use seedlings purchased
from a local garden center. You should consider that you may run the risk of
introducing plant diseases or insect pests into your aeroponic Tower Garden
taking this approach. Purchase the smaller plugs,
look for the nine-cell pack. If you place the plug
directly into the net pots, the soil will wash
out and clog the pump, so it’s important to remove
the plug from the tray, and gently wash off the roots, massaging away the soil. Be careful not to
damage the roots. Soak your rock wool cubes in
filtered or bottled water, and cut them in half. Lay out the two halves
and gently place the root system on one
half of the rock wool cube. Then place the other half
of the rock wool cube over the roots to create
a sandwich of rock wool around the root system. Use a rubber band
or small hairband to hold the rock
wool cube together. Insert the new transplant
into the Tower Garden net pot at each planting port. Be sure to push
down the rock wool so it touches the
bottom of the net pot. This will ensure that
the new transplant receives water inside
the Tower Garden. Congratulations, your
Tower Garden is now operational and ready to grow.

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