How to Top Dress A Garden With Composted Cow Manure

Hi. I am Shawna Coronado and we are here on a
very, very chilly spring day. And what we are doing is piling tons – 11
yards – of rotted manure into these buckets, and then we are going to take it back out
to the garden and make it beautiful. Remember what I always talk about: if you
use compost and manure, instead of chemical fertilizer, it is much better for the environment. This particular rotted cow manure comes from
Cowsmo. And Cowsmo is a pretty cool company that is
selling rotted manure and reusing a product that we all need to be reused. It is chilly today, and I mean cold. So we really chose a day to do this Cowsmo
project. We will be putting rotted cow manure on here
all day long and I will have you keep up with me. Here is Robert Norris and he is from Cowsmo. Tell me a little bit about how about your
compost and how it all works. We work on a dairy farm. A fifth generation dairy farm. And we have milked cows for a living and we
had this problem – we had too much manure, so we started composting it 20 years ago. And we started marketing it and now we sell
it all over the Midwest. Awesome! So he is selling the stuff that makes your
garden grow and that is quite an investment of time, though. 20 years is a long time to be dealing with
cow manure, right? So this is tough work. So what we are going to be doing is improving
the soil content in my community garden. This area here is right in front of a very
busy sidewalk. Lots of action all the time. And lots of bicyclers. It is really fun here but to maintain the
community garden, it has been a bit of a challenge. I cannot easily get water out here, and when
I planted all these plants, I added nothing to the soil. Nothing. And so adding the rotted manure right now
is like adding fertilizer. So my kiddo is here to help us. Yay! So let us get busy. Come one, we can do it. Get some more compost. The cavalry has arrived. We have an extra person, Jenny Lund, who is
one of my good friends. And we are trying to get this off the driveway. Turns out, I think it is a bit more than 11
yards. And so we have a lot of poo and that is what
we are doing right now. Thanks to one extra person, Jenny, we got
all this pile done. It is amazing. I cannot believe it! And so this is all about compost, right? It is about making a difference in your garden
without using chemicals. And you can do it. Just a little bit of back work and labor but
it is worth it because our environment depends on you making a difference. So you can do it. Make a difference.

5 thoughts on “How to Top Dress A Garden With Composted Cow Manure

  1. Hi Shawna, I am happy that you are using cow manure and encouraging others.

    There is a technique to make natural fertilizer solution as explained below.
    Take 200 liter Water in barrel.
    Take 10 Kg Local Cow Dung, 5 to 10 liter cow urine and add in water.
    Then add 2 Kg Sugar (raw sugar preferable), 2 Kg Pulses flour, handful soil from farm in it. Stir the solution 2 or 3 times clockwise and put to ferment for 48 hours in the shadow. Do not hesitate to mail me at [email protected]

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