HOW TO USE: Seaweed as Organic Fertilizer, Mulch, Compost & Tea – Organic Natural Fertilizer

Oh hey everyone it’s Maria here now as you
guys know I recently showed you guys how easy it is and how simple it is to make
seaweed tea fertilizer now if you guys did not see the video on how I did make
seaweed tea fertilizer absolutely free and you guys want to know the
step-by-step process then you can click the link right here and it’ll take you
directly to that video well today I’m gonna be showing you how you can use
seaweed in different ways on your plants and also on your garden now the type of
seaweed that we will be using is called Sargassum seaweed now please know you
are not limited to just using this type of seaweed as a matter of fact there are
so many different varieties of seaweed that you can choose to use so I
recommend that you use the seaweed that is local and in your area and whichever
is easiest to obtain and this right here is our dried form of fertilizer and by
drying out your fertilizer you are capable of preserving the life and the
nutrients of the fertilizer and you can use it whenever you need to also another
great thing about drying out your seaweed is the fact that you can
actually process it in whatever way you need to you can actually grind it into a
powder form or you can shred it and tinier pieces and then apply it to your
plants as needed now if you would like to keep it all together you can do that
as well and apply it to the soil or the media of the plant and what that will do
is allow two seaweed to act as a slow-release fertilizer because as you
guys know seaweed does take a little bit of time to break down so during the
breakdown process it will actually release some fertilizers now because the
seaweed actually retains so much moisture it takes about an entire week
to dry this seaweed out so make sure it is completely dried out before you save
or process the seaweed and the way that I elected to use my dried seaweed is by
using this shredder right here and I’m just shredding it into tinier pieces and
this is what the dried seaweed looks like now broken down and shredded into
tinier and taking a closer look you really see
how well the seaweed actually comes out shredded and this really makes it easy
for you to either take a pinch or perhaps even a handful and spread it in
your pots or directly into your garden and this right here is our seaweed
fertilizer of course in liquid form and the way that we make the liquid seaweed
fertilizer tea is by allowing the seaweed to sit in water and just
allowing it to brew and once it’s finished brewing we take the fluid we
take the actual solution and then we incorporate it with some water to dilute
it and then we apply it directly to our plants and our garden now if you would
like to see the step-by-step process of how we make this tea please be sure to
check out that video and I’ll include it in the link below and I’ll also include
it at the end of this video and yet another way to use this seaweed is to
simply incorporate it with your compost because this seaweed right here is so
jam packed with nutrients and also growing hormone it really does make
quite a wonderful addition now see we can also be used as such a beneficial
mulch because it has multi functions by being used in this way not only does it
have a way of keeping the surface of the media or the soil nice and cool but it
also has a way of retaining water seaweed is such a water and moisture
retentive media it will actually help you save some water because you will
find that you will not have to water your plants as much and yet another
great benefit is the fact that because it will take some time for this to break
down this can act as a slow release fertilizer continuing to fertilize your
plants over a good length of time and there you have it folks like I told you
guys it is that simple that easy and that free to use
seaweed as a fertilizer on your plants and also on your garden now if you guys
have made some form of homemade fertilizer please be sure to share that
information with us I sure would love to learn many different ways of making free
fertilizer and if you guys decide to use seaweed as a fertilizer please be sure
to let me know that as well I sure would like to hear about your results as well
be sure to post those comments below and I thank you guys so much for allowing me
to share this information with you guys you guys know the more that we know the
more that we can grow I hope you learn something new and I hope you also like
this video if you did please be sure to like share and also subscribe and click
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new video thank you guys so much and as you guys already know I truly do love
and appreciate each and every one of you guys all I will see you guys later and I
also grow with you guys later as well bye bye for now

11 thoughts on “HOW TO USE: Seaweed as Organic Fertilizer, Mulch, Compost & Tea – Organic Natural Fertilizer

  1. i forgot to comment on your Arachnis Orchid propagation video and at the minute 4:51 it shows the tree you placed the orchid cuttings in. i don’t want to be rude but that tree may need a repotting. such a big tree may need a bigger home 👍🏼. thanks for making such awesome videos

  2. Love it Maria! Before orchids I used crushed egg shell and either mix with water and Epsom salt or just sprinkle it like you did on the soil. And when I applied it to my orchids diluted when I started growing them. I still do but now with Superthrive and a balanced fertilizer.

  3. Going to try your homemade seaweed fertilizer this summer. I'll go to a health food store, or a local international market. See what kinda results I get. I live in Chicago, but have access to ponds and rivers with fresh water aquatic plants. Thanks Maria!

  4. I was thinking about using Japanese sushi seaweed from Asian grocery stores. If it safe enough for us to eat, it should safe for our orchids.Is the salt water oceans,where most seaweed is grown, safe to use on orchids?Even after washing and dying it out?. Also seaweed contains iodine. Is it harmful to orchids?

  5. Can you make the tea then dry the seaweed & use as mulch, fertilizer or mix with compost? I want to make sure I don't waste any of it. I'm thinking of using this with succulents but afraid it will retain too much water.

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