How to Use Weed and Feed Fertilizer

spring has sprung and some of the weeds
so today I’ll go over our fifteen five ten weed and feed and then I’ll show you
how to apply to a residential lawn. Hi I’m Jason with Solutions Pest and Lawn
everyone knows that to have a healthy yard you need to combat weed growth
while promoting healthy growth for your turf grass you could use a combination
of pre and post emergent herbicides and fertilizers or you can use one product
that will do both that’s our fifteen five ten weed and
feed this weed and feed is labeled to control a wide range of weeds such as
clover dandelion spurge and many others it also supplies your yard with essential nutrients to help it go strong this season there are many different
fertilizers out there that have different core analysis the core
analysis is those three numbers that you’ll see on the front of your
fertilizer bag our weed and feed is 15 5 10 that means 15 percent nitrogen 5
percent phosphorous and 10 percent potassium these three elements are
essential to your yards health and this 15 5 10 combo is perfect for spring
what’s great about this weed and feed is that there are additional ingredients
included too called a micronutrient pack this is kind of like vitamins for your
yards that promote health and longevity not all fertilizers are going to have
that and to show you how to apply it we’ll go to a residential lawn and put
some down ok we’re at our lawn so first thing we want to do with our bag of weed
and feed is read the label the label will tell you which type of weeds it
will kill and the turfgrass it’s intended for but it’s also crucial to
follow the recommended spreader setting and application rate if you were to over
apply at worst you could hurt your yard and at best you just waste product so
this is the st. Augustine grass lawn and per the label we’re going to apply 3.2
pounds of weed and feed for every thousand square feet this lawn is about
2,500 square feet so that means we’ll need about 8 pounds of weed and feed
you’ll notice this lawn isn’t a perfect square but it’s ok to have an
approximate square footage because this is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer
and is not quite as likely to burn your grass so remember the label is going to
show you approximate spreader settings for different types of spreaders so
let’s load and calibrate our spreader and get started okay I have my weed and
feet in the spreader I have the spreader on the correct setting so I’m ready to
start I’m going to start at the edge here and work my way around the yard and
then I will go from one into the lawn to the other moving at a steady pace to
make sure I deliver the correct amount of product to the lawn I’m also watching
how far the fertilizer is spreading so I can have a little bit of overlap
and I know where to go for my next pass okay so just about finished up but when
you’re applying solutions weed and feed to your yard here’s a few things to
consider you’ll want to make sure to mow your yard to its normal height a day or
two before application if the grass is dry at the time you’ll want to sprinkle
a little water on there so you can help the product stick and prevent drift
you’ll also need to water your lawn at least a day before the application so
that the turf and the soil have adequate moisture water the lawn a day or two
after the application so the product can have time to stick to the weed leaf
surface you’ll also want to make a follow-up application in about 30 days
this is to make sure the correct amount of nitrogen is put down and finally read
the label the label is the law and everything that you will need to know
will be on that label this weed and feed is a great product and a fantastic tool
to have in your spring lawn care program not only will it kill and control the
weeds but it’ll also feed your lawn for a lush beautiful lawn you should start
seeing results in roughly about a month if you have any other questions about
weed and feed or any other DIY pest control please leave a comment in the
comment section below also you can give us a call send us an email stop by one
of our stores or visit our website and make sure you subscribe for more how-to
and product videos i’m jason baker with solutions pest in
lawn ask us how to do it yourself you you

15 thoughts on “How to Use Weed and Feed Fertilizer

  1. I would definitely add that you should be careful around the perimeter if you have shrubs and groundcover that the herbicide can get on.

  2. What do I do after I applied weed and feed? Once the weeds are dead, do I pull them out? Or will they shrink and “disappear”?

  3. Hi, all weed and feed fertilizers are NPK? In other words can I say weed and feed are NPK fertilizer?

  4. It has been suggested that I leave lawn cuttings, following application of weed and feed, be left on the lawn. Is the reason for further release of nitrogen? I am just worried because I have a small dog

  5. I was told the best time to apply is early morning when it’s Dewie this way it sticks to the grass and weeds

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