How to Use Wood Ash In The Garden

in this quick video you’re going to learn
the benefits of using wood ash in your garden, how to apply it, and what you need
to be cautious about when using wood ash. This is Tim and welcome to organic
backyard gardening. When I was a kid I remember my grandfather putting wood
ashes from his wood stove in his garden. Generations after generations have been
using wood ash in agriculture. When I began growing my own food with
organic practices, I adopted my grandfather’s method. This is why. Wood
ash contains many elements vital to plant growth. Predominantly, phosphorus
calcium, and potassium. Wood ash is very alkaline so will raise the pH in acidic
soil. Due to this it’s important to know your soil pH before applying. Wood ash
works best if the soil pH is somewhat acidic below 6.5 when wood ash is used
at pH levels above 6.5 interference with plant growth may occur as the alkalinity
of the soil increases. One cord of wood will yield about 25 pounds of ash. You
can also use wood from a campfire however it’s found that hardwood ash has
higher concentrations of elements. Applying is easy I apply mine at the end
of the growing season and I only apply a thin layer per year. The real key here is
to use wood ash in moderation. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to
harness the benefits of wood as ash. If you found this video helpful please like
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10 thoughts on “How to Use Wood Ash In The Garden

  1. LPT, Drag a magnet through the ash before you apply it to your yard or garden. You're going to find metal, nails, staples & other debris, I guarantee it.

  2. This video would be much better if it quantified the rate of application. I realize this would have to be a sliding scale based on soil conditions, but some threshold would be nice.

  3. Growing food is the most important job in the entire world ! The day when children say they want to become a successful organic farmer when they grow up, that is the day you will know the generation is becoming wiser .

  4. Is it okay to mix the ash in with soil when first planting? I have the grow bags that are made of fiber it will be above the ground so I was thinking of mixing in some ash with the soil will this work or should I just sprinkle it on top after I plant them?

  5. I did that to my bell pepper plants. They grew healthy but after the blooming of their flowers. They died. Do you know why ?

  6. Just mix equal amount of gypsum in the ash and this will neutralize the lye in the ash, preventing it from raising the soils ph.

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