How We Built a Compost Bin at Itsy Farm

Here is the Itsy Farm compost bin. We put this up about three or four weeks ago. It’s a three section bin made
with pallets that were free for the asking at a local construction site We
made it in sections so we could have material in various stages of
decomposition. The pallets are a screwed together with 3-inch galvanized deck screws. You can see I’ve got some grass clippings here in the first bin. I’ve mixed them with cow manure from a nearby dairy farm. It is in fact right next to the garden and as you can see right next to the power pole if I need that. Ask your local big box store or a nearby construction site for some
pallets. Three or four pallets equal one compost bin. By the way, don’t put a
pallet in the bottom of the bin like I did. Leave the bottom as native soil
Have fun and thanks for watching!

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  1. He's back!!! I called you a few weeks ago but you didn't pick up! Great to see action on your channel Karl!

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