How & When to Water & Fertilize Indoor Seedlings & DIY Fungus Gnat Traps / Spring Garden Series #2

Hi everyone welcome back to the spring
garden series well it doesn’t feel much like spring out here today it’s in the
high 40s it’s windy it’s cold we’ve even had a couple of nights of frost and you
can tell it’s kind of taking its toll on the garden we did lose a couple of
tomato plants to frost the nasturtiums are looking a little bit bedraggled but
no worries warm weather is coming soon I know a lot of you are excited about it
too and today we’re going to head inside in just a moment and talk about how to
water and fertilize our indoor seedlings but before we do that we have a few
comments we’d like to read. Well people are really excited this year about
spring gardening so I just wanted to read a couple of really special comments
the first one comes from Teresa Healy and Theresa says Hi Kim I love your
video I live in Ireland and this will be our first year starting a garden that’s
cool my kitchen is full of seedlings I can relate to that
I hope I hope to get some out into a small greenhouse we purchased soon I
think it’s still a bit cold for planting in the two raised beds we built out of
old fence boards wish us luck thank you for all your help phylidia I think it’s
really cool how we’re getting so many comments from people all over the world
it seems like the reach is bigger this year from people who have written back
and said where they’re from etc so that’s really cool so make sure that you
tell us I also hold on just secondary I also love how she’s building her raised
bed out of old fence boards she’s repurposing and really just making use
of what she already has on hand maybe we should go out to Ireland and film an
episode there! Oh that’d be fun Theresa, can we come out to see you? all right
that’d be really cool here’s a cool comment from Richard Barksdale he says
I’ve learned so much from watching your videos Thanks hey tell your husband
camera guy he’s doing an awesome job also with the videos! You know why I like
this comment this really encourages me to keep filming and just trying to do a
top-notch job for you guys this is my hobby and all of this don’t know a lick
about gardening but I pick up stuff here and there so thanks a lot I love these
comments that really just helped me to keep on going super encouraging I’m
super encouraging thanks a lot Richard. The next one I’m going to read is from
Amanda and she comment on the seed starting video from last week and she
said this made me so excited to start but it’s a bit too early in my zone
however I have a and written out and I can get my
supplies together now I will be starting tomatoes cucumbers peppers zinnias and
some herbs indoors cold tolerant veggies I start outdoors as soon as the soil can
be worked can’t wait great video. so Amanda that’s wonderful I love how
you’re putting together your supplies now you’re putting together a plan and
you definitely are gonna be ready as soon as the weather is warm enough
you’re gonna be ready with seedlings to put outside. ok guys we’re gonna head
inside yes it’s too cold out here hold here homey don’t do cold
we don’t do cold so let’s head back inside you guys it is so cold out here
we are not used to this kind of cold in Southern California in fact I had to
bring all of these Tomatoes I just transplanted inside this morning because
it was just too cold and windy but come on over here I want to show you how
things are going with the new spring garden veggies and Jerry even got a fire
going over here it’s nice and cozy but you guys remember we got our Spring
Garden seed started last week and I’ve got some the tomatoes and peppers are
here in the grow light box so let’s just peek inside and see how they’re doing so
I love this grow light box they’re in here with the heat mat and it’s so
exciting to see them come up this is only a week’s worth of growth so we’ve
got the tomatoes in here they’re coming up one of the peppers has come up the
basil has sprouted and I know the soil here is looking really dry but that’s
what we’re gonna talk about today is how to water these and how to know when to
water a couple of clues so that you know exactly when to water and fertilize your
seedlings so I did go ahead and put the lettuce and the onions and kale I took
them out of the grow light box cuz I just felt like this is getting a little
bit too hot and I put them here under my grow lights and it’s so exciting again
what a thrill to see them already popping through this soil here’s the
onions the red Russian kale and a couple different kinds of lettuce that we
started and even over here over here are the sugar snap peas and I told you guys
last week these grow fast and would you look at that I can already taste these
peas are absolutely so delicious it’s going to be so much fun to see them
the garden now the cucumbers and the squash actually popped into my grow
light closet I took them out here to show you guys but look at the growth on
this this is the straight neck yellow squash and this is just one week’s worth
of growth so let’s get into right off the bat how to water and fertilize these
seedlings so they can grow nice and strong and get outside in the garden as
soon as the weather is warm enough well if you haven’t got started yet with your
spring garden it’s not too late head to my website pick up one of the spring
garden seed collections twelve varieties easy to grow vegetables when it gets warm
enough you’re gonna be ready to start it’s gonna be so much fun now I get a
ton of questions about how do I know when to water my plants and I wish there
was some kind of magic formula to share with you but it really is super
dependent on how warm the location you have your plants growing in if they’re
in a warm location like a sunny windowsill they’re gonna dry out a lot
quicker if they’re in a cooler location they’re not going to dry out quite as
fast however there are a couple of really important clues that you can look
for the first one is the color of the soil let me show you what I mean now
these are the seedlings we started last week and I let them dry out just a
little bit more than I normally would just to illustrate the point here if
you’ll notice the top of these seedlings are a very light brown color as opposed
to a seedling over here that has enough water that’s a dark brown color so the
first clue to look for is the color of the soil if it’s a light brown color
like this it means that you definitely need to water if it’s a dark brown color
like this it means that there that you don’t need to water there’s enough
moisture in the soil now the second thing that you want to look for and I’m
going to show you this actually on the containers with soil is the weight of
the container or the pallet so if you pick them up you’ll notice that the one
that needs water is a lot lighter the one that has enough moisture content is
a lot heavier so you can look here and notice the color of the soil again is
that light brown color this is the one that needs water the soil here is a
darker brown color that’s the one that doesn’t need water and this one is a lot
heavier so again look for the color of the
soyal and look for the weight of the container that your seedling is growing
in and it’ll vary from pellets to containers so once you’ve grown into
your seedlings for a little while you’re just gonna get used to how they feel how
they look and you’ll be able with a little bit of practice to be watering
and fertilizing your indoor seedlings like an old pro now how do you water
okay you always want to water your seedlings from the bottom and the reason
for that is you don’t want to disturb the little seedlings by pouring in and
drenching all your seedlings from the top and watering from the bottom is a
much healthier way to water you’re not going to spreading diseases or bacteria
and your seedlings by doing that and the water will just soak up from the pellets
so we’re gonna be watering in just a second here
but before I do that I want to talk a little bit about fertilizing too because
they’re in a water and fertilize our seedlings all in one shot today so I’ve
got a gallon of water here and what we’re gonna do is put some fertilizer
and fertilizer in here so there are seedlings have the nutrients that they
need to keep on growing now how do you know when to fertilize? okay when your
seedlings first popped through the soil they have these little things called
baby leaves here okay there’s a scientific term for them but but I just
like to call them little baby leaves now as they grow they develop what’s called
a true leaf and you look if you look over here at these tomato plants they’re
starting to develop their true leaf that actually looks like a tomato so as soon
as they start developing their true leaves when they have about two sets of
these true leaves is when you want to start fertilizing
the baby leaves and the soil that you planted them in are gonna supply the
nutrients that they need until they develop these true leaves now take a
look here at these cucumber and squash plants and you can tell even more what
the true leaves look like this is the true leaf or the adult leaf and this is
the little baby leaf so these are really ready to fertilize now so let’s go ahead
and talk about what fertilizer to use now I like to use a water soluble liquid
fertilizer and the reason for that is when you’re watering with a liquid
fertilizer it’s gonna have all the nutrients
it needs in a water-soluble form so the seedlings can take it up right away
so my two favorite ones to use are the vermisterra worm tea
lots of good beneficial bacteria and microbes and this really really helps
with the root development now you can pick this up at and you
can use my code CaliKim get a 10% discount this is great fertilizer
for watering your indoor seedlings and you really want to go easy when you’re
fertilizing your young seedlings you don’t want to overdo it I’m just gonna
add about an ounce or so to this gallon jug which is about three or four
capsules so along with the worm tea what i’ve been using and testing out in my
garden and absolutely love is the Good Dirt plant food I’ve been using it for
probably about six months or so really love it and this has the nitrogen that
is needed for your seedlings to provide it with some good leafy growth so I just
put a pump of the good dirt plant food in here
and that’s all you need for this gallon jug I’m gonna shake it up and I’ll show
you how to water it and fertilize your seedlings all in one easy step now I am
gonna water or fertilize my interest seedlings about once a week but I’m
gonna check my seedlings daily to see if they need watering so for this these
large peat pellets here I’m just gonna pour the water into the bottom it’s
actually kind of fun to watch the pellets kind of soak up the water I’m
gonna let it sit in there for about ten minutes or so and again these pellets
are really light because they definitely need water that’s why they’re kind of
tipping over there but don’t worry about that and I’m gonna do the same with my
containers here I’m going to pour the water in the bottom and the containers
and the soil will soak up the water that it needs we’re gonna let it sit there
for about ten minutes and then pour off the water that isn’t
absorbed don’t do that the same here for these small pellets because see these small pellets are
starting to turn a little bit light on the top they’re not quite as dry as a
large pellets but I really want to water them before they get to the really
really dry point that way the seedlings are getting stressed out and stunted and
they just keep on growing I’ll do the same here for my Peas I just love how
these peas look I can still see the little seed they’re poking through the
soil it’s just so much fun to start seeds indoors so I’m gonna let these sit
for about ten minutes and then we’re gonna pour the water off now one thing
that’s kind of fun when you’re watering pellets you might want to grab your kids
for this one too is as the pellets become nice and moist you can see the
water kind of travel up the top and see how it’s dark brown right here
once the pellet has absorbed all the water that it’s going to all the way up
the top will be dark brown well while we’re waiting for all the water to
absorb I have had a lot of questions about how to deal with fungus gnats
inside now if you’ve never had fungus gnats you’re lucky but they’re those
little pesky flies that kind of fly around your indoor plants sometimes well
a super easy way to deal with them is with something you probably already have
around your house and that’s apple cider vinegar super easy to do this guys you
can make it easy little fungus gnat traps just by pouring in some apple
cider vinegar two little bottle caps and setting it around your indoor plants so
I’m just pouring apple cider vinegar in here and I’m gonna put a drop or so of
liquid dish soap it really doesn’t matter what kind into each little bottle
cap and what happens is the fungus gnats are attracted to the smell of the apple
cider vinegar and they fly in these little DIY fungus gnat traps and they
drown and bye-bye fungus gnats because there’s nothing more pesky than fungus
gnats and they also kind of tend to get in your soil that can really destroy the
roots of your plants so you really don’t want to have a fungus gnat problem in
fact I would recommend going putting these little fungus gnat gnat
traps around your seedlings before you even have a problem because once you get
a problem an infestation it’s really hard to get rid of now the other thing
that’s super easy to do is to just sprinkle cinnamon on the top of your
soil and you can do this when you plant your seeds before you even plant your
seeds just sprinkle around the soil cinnamon is a natural antibacterial has
natural antibacterial properties got some on the leaf there but that’s no big
deal so that’s why it’s probably a good idea
if you sprinkle it before you plant your seeds but I forgot to do that last week
and anyway that does help cut down on some of the fungus gnats that you might
have crawling around your soil oh and another little tip I want to share with
you guys I’ve been having a lot of problems on my pepper plants for some
reason this year with aphids so super super frustrating get a fits especially
inside because there’s no natural predators to take care of them inside
but a really easy tip all you have to do and I want to show you here the aphids
for some reason they’re really liking the leaves of my pepper plants here now
before you try any other kinds of natural pesticides or anything all you
have to do is just rinse your plants off with water which I’ve actually been
doing about once a week to my peppers here just to rinse the aphids off so
what I do is I just take my pepper plant take it to the sink just put it under
running water and I really just inspect underneath each leaf and they like to
really hide right in here so I’ll just take my plant stick it under the faucet
and just rinse it off and rinse all the aphids off and I’ll usually do that
about once a week or so just to make sure they get nice and clean and get
those aphids all rinsed off and so far it’s been working pretty well because I
don’t have too many more a fits on my peppers well let’s check our plants here
and see if the water is absorbing and then I think we’re just about done okay
you can see on the pallets here see how the top of the soil here is that nice
dark brown color that’s exactly what we want the pellet definitely feels heavier
than I did before which means that it’s absorbed all the water content that it’s
going to absorb can you see here how it’s nice and wet
darker brown all the way up so these pellets are good to go
however you don’t want to make the mistake of letting your pellets sit in
water so I’m actually gonna pour this water off now sometimes it’s a little
bit tricky to pour off the water without the pellets falling out so what I like
to use is my little turkey baster now I’m sure all of you guys have one of
these around your house from Thanksgiving right so I’m just gonna put
my little turkey baster into my tray and I am gonna save this water because it’s
not that good fertilizer in it and I can water some of my other indoor plants or
even take my little watering can outside and waters of my outdoor plants as well
so check your plants daily make sure they don’t have a fungus gnat infection
make sure they check to see if they need watered the key is really checking your
plants daily because you because they’re like your little babies here and you
want to make sure that you’re nurturing them and checking on them and caring for
them because that way in about four to six weeks after they’re done growing
inside and once the weather warms up the frost date is passed your seedlings are
gonna be big and beautiful and healthy and strong ready to go out in the garden
and grow you a lot of veggies so I’m gonna go ahead and pour all this water
up pour all this water off and we’re gonna come back and wrap up the video
well comment below let me know if you’ve gotten seeds for your Spring Garden
started how it’s going with your indoor seedlings and what you’re excited about
growing this spring if you havent got started yet make sure you head to my
website pick up the spring garden seed collection and I will put links in the
video description to all the supplies I use to start my spring garden including
the discounts for the vermis Terra and the good dirt plant food thanks so much
for watching we’ll see you on the next video

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  50. This yr is my first yr growing indoors as I prepare for the spring. I am noticing that my tomato plants that are under a grow light are becoming a light green color. I am assuming that's a nutrition issue so I started watering with fish emulsion and recently tried to give the plants a little epsom salt. Any suggestions? I also have noticed little light spots on the leaves. Is this burn because of the grow lights or is it a disease? HELP please.

  51. I much appreciate your videos – they are among the best out there (and I see a lot) – thank you !!! My seedlings are doing well in window sill etc – have no grow lights, but I surround them w aluminium foil. Today (march 31th) I took them outside in the sun for a few hours 🙂 Now I will fertilize, as I do on sundays. Best regards from Norway

  52. You guys are great, inspired me last year and just started this years veggies. Keep up the great videos from Scotland!

  53. I had a lot of plants and everything I planted them out on my Lettuce survived And one tomato plant rest of my veggies died on me Oh I do have one question I have some red Russian kale plant from last summer That survived the cold is it still good to have or should I toss it and start over again

  54. I've started my seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, banana peppers. They were all doing great!! But now all of a sudden they look very lifeless. Not sure what I did wrong.

  55. What is the size of the pellets that you are using? They are huge compared to the ones that I get from my local garden centre.

  56. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips my husband and I just started our garden and we love watching your videos for inspiration and information

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