Humanure Compost Update at Our Off-Grid Yurt

Yurt dispatch: checking on our first two
years of humanure compost and seeing what it looks like. What it looks like is some dope-ass compost It just smells like the forest floor. It’s pretty fine. But as an unofficial test—not scientific, don’t do this at home—Henry loves human poop. When we go backpacking, he finds it, off the trail. People don’t bury their poop. That’s another rant. Don’t get me started. Let’s see what [Henry] thinks about that [humanure compost]. Henry, come here. Go see. What’s in there? Do you see anything you like? No? No poop? Oh, poor guy, there’s no poop for you. It’s all composted. That is some dope-ass compost. And if you go backpacking, bury your shit. Or this dog will eat it. Much appreciated. Dispatch over.

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