100 thoughts on “I believe I can fly~ Flying Yoga(Aerial Yoga) with MARK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.12

  1. 14:32 ,no se pero escuche a la señora decir hagamos un pedestal,o al así
    fui la única?
    y también después de que la señora dijera eso ,también escuche, como mark y johnny dijeron ´´ayuda¨

  2. Johnny: “Cause today we’re gonna fly”
    My brain: Don’t say it
    My brain: Don’t say it
    Me: “We’Re GoNnA FlyYyYyYYy!”
    Me and my multi-fandom self🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  3. OMG seriously you both looked like a dad took his child together to a flying yoga lesson and you guys look so adorable that makes me wanna try flying yoga too 😭💕

  4. in the beginning when you guys said "Johnny and Mark!" It sounded like Mark said MORK… It's officially everyone, Mark forgot how to english!

  5. Damn, I feel like I did flying yoga just watching JCC with Mark. Thanks, now I know how out of shape I be! "Relaxation, meditation" my * Lol

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