How’s it going, everyone? This is The Anime Man! So, as you guys may know, uhh… I was one of the first people on YouTube
to ever do these [Anime Quiz Videos] that now everybody else seems to be doing. And it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done the last [Anime Quiz] type of video. So I thought I’d bring it back
for some of the people who are interested in it. Because uh, I happened to stumble upon
this website called… Sporcle.com. Back when, I think I was in, like middle school? Or like elementary school? I used to go on this website a LOT. Because its this kind of website where people sub… Create these quizzes, and then submit them. So I used to just… really just
waste my time on this website. But I never actually went on this website, and looked for [Anime Quizzes]. So what I’m gonna do today is, I’m going to randomly select some Anime quizzes on the Sporcle website— and see how many I can do. So I went on a random website
and just selected over here, where it says ‘Random Literature or Anime Quiz.’ And I came up with,
“Can you Name the…” “Can you name the Name?” Yeah, as you can see this is really uhh… created by some professionals. “Can you name the Name the
Weekly Shonen Jump manga/anime.?” I think I know most of my Shonen Jump stuff. Some of the older ones, I may not know so, I’m sorry about that. So I have 18 minutes to get 46 of them. And, uh…I’ll leave the links to all the quizzes
in the description below. So you can maybe try
and play along with me as well. Well, this first one is pretty goddamn easy.
It’s just One Piece. Yeah, that’s easy too , Naruto. Yeah, these are gonna be kind of easy,
because they’re all the mainstream stuff. Yeah, that’s Bleach. Dragonball. So far….so far not too bad.
So far, these are all pretty easy. Oup, Hunter x Hunter. Gintama. Yeah, see these are… See, it’s good cuz Shonen Jump is like, full of all the ones that everyone knows. Like here we go. Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Boom! Your boy got the….. CHICA !? Well, I mean that is Jojo. …Oh, I just typed in Jojo and it’s correct! Oh, that’s D. Gray-man. Ahh…Toriko. I mean, it’s kind of also unfair. Because I can also,
in the case of this kind of stuff, I can read the godd*mn title. Death Note Yup. This is pretty easy.
I mean, I’m probably gonna get all of these correct. Bakuman Hit me with something harder! F*ckin’ , Kuroko. Haikyuu Yup— I, I mean, so far you should have all of these correct. Oh yeah, this one’s easy too. Eyeshield 21. Man, this is really bringing me back to a time.
Slam Dunk. Prince of Tennis. Man, this is bringing back me back to all these series. I used to read ALL of these series back in the day, dude. Oh, here we go! Here’s Boku no Herō Academia (My Hero Academia). Oup! Here’s the one that everyone’s been talking about! Black Clover! Oh yup. Rurouni Kenshin. Here we go. Yeah, I got this! This is easy! Oh, sh*t. Oh my God! What was this again?! I’ve read this before! What the f*ck was the…. Shaman King! That’s it! Oh my God! Yo, I was about to fail. We’re not even halfway through. Oh, this is Medaka Box. That’s Beelzebub. I think every, like… …Anime Youtuber who knows what they’re talking about should be able to answer all of these. This is Yu Yu Hakusho. That is Saint Seiya. This is an old…oh, they’re throwin’ some old ones too. Alright. I see you. All right, I see you! Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star). You can’t fool me though, brah. I got this. Oup! Food Wars! Easy. Your boy got this.
Assassination Classroom. Yup. Bro! 28 out of 28! Let’s go! Haven’t even…silah…skipped it once! Nisekoi! Let’s go boys! Come on! Throw me something harder. Chice!? (I think is what hes saying) Uhhh, I think thats Nurarihyon no Mago. Oh sh*t. Oh shi*t! What was this called?! Oh no! I don’t remember this one! Alright, we’re gonna have to skip this one.
We’ll come back to it, though. Okay, that’s what Toraburu (To Love-Ru). That’s easy. Alright, alright. Alright. Black Cat. Yeah alright. I see you.
I see you, my boy. Oh, that’s Hikaru No Go. So far, so good. Yu-Gi-Oh! Let’s go! Throwin’ in some of the classics! Hell yeah! Where the f*cks the image!? How am I supposed to answer this?!
There’s no image! Well, let’s just skip this one for now. Ahh…that is World Trigger. Sket Dance. That is Dr. Slump! Oh, that is… Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan.
(The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.) Yeah! Spelt it right, too! Let’s go! Oh, wow, what a classic! City Hunter. Oh sh*t! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh… First of all, that’s not even the original image. But that is the Dragon Quest manga. Oh, that’s Mx0 (pronounced M-Zero.)
I mean…wha? Come on guys! The title, in English is written right there! Uhh…oh, okay.
Well I mean…I knew this one, but… Oh, Captain Tsubasa! And what’s the last one? Oh, KochiKame. Alright. So it’s literally this one,
and this one with no image. Trying to remember what this one was called! OH F*CK! It’s like, a supernatural manga, where like the characters have, like these psy… Psyren! Yes! It’s Psyren! All right! Can I just say I got all of them correct? Because there’s no f*ckin image on this one. Alright. So let’s just end it. Promised Neverland. I mean, well I would have got it, if I had seen the image! So, it says I got 97 percent,
but let’s just say I got 100 percent, alright? Ya-boy got 100%! The average score’s 64 percent? bunch of plebs Ohh, this one’s kind of cool. ‘ Can you guess the anime by the place?’ THERE’S 81 QUESTIONS JESUS CHRIST!!! Alright, this is gonna be godd*mn hard Well, I mean this first one is kind of easy. This is Sword Art Online. This is Aincrad, alright. Good start. can i get an image We’re on the second question and there’s already no f*cking image. All right, well, this one’s easy. This is Attack on Titan. Uhhh, that’s Tokyo Ghoul. Yep, ya boy got it. Ya boy got it. Oh sh*t OH OH OH ahh ok ahhhhh…. Oh, that’s Gochuumon Usagi desu ka. Oh, oh ohh…. This is ahhhh….the art style looks familiar Flip Flappers? YES! Cool… That is… Belll Black Bullet…? Ohhhhhh All right. I’m getting this, I’m getting this—– OH SH*t Oh, what is that!? It’s not Ghibli. I thought it was…. I thought it was the clubhouse from Yuru Yuri. But that’s not it. Ohhhh, that’s hard. All right hold on…let’s let’s go to the next one. Oh, that’s easy. That’s Five Centimeters per Second. Uhhh… oh, that is Death Parade. I feel like some of these ones gonna be really obvious. Oh…. f*ck. Is that Danmachi…? Oh, hell yeah–!!! Ohh, that’s Gate. Yea, that one’s easy. Oh, what is that? Oh okay, we’re gonna have to skip this one. Oh my god! This is all so hard…… WHAT IS THAT!!?? Skip…. Oh my f*ckin… NO, wait no… that’s not it no i thought it was uh… f*cking Nah, I thought– I thought it was Madoka Magica but it’s not Madoka Magica. Next . Oh, that’s uh…. Non non Biyori. Is that the… is that To-Aru? No, it’s not To-Aru. Oh, what is that? Okay… I don’t know that one either. Let’s skip that. Ahhhh that looks like Infinite Stratos…… Hell yeah! Oh, that’s Shinsekai Yori. That one’s easy. Uhhhh ‘Very Easy’. I’ve never seen that before. Let’s just skip that. I don’t know that one either. Let’s skip that. Oh, that’s Kill La Kill. Yea….. Oh, THAT! That’s Madoka Magica! Oh that’s uhhhhhhhhh It’s Blue Exorcist. That looks like a Shinkai film…. See cuz Shinkai ones are really simple, like I got Five Centimeters per Second immediately and I think this is also… Is this Garden of Words? Oh, it is! Oh, what the f*ck is that? Overlord…? No… Re-Zero? No, that’s not Re- Zero. That’s…. it’s something like that though. Nwah, I don’t know… Let’s skip that. Oh, that’s uhhh Kyoukai no Kanata. That’s from the movie. Yeaaaa! That’s easy. That’s No Game No Life. Oh what the f*ck is that? ‘Easy’. That is not ‘Easy’, dude… What is that? That flag looks familiar tho. I don’t remember that one. Alright, let’s skip that. Ahhhhh High School of The Dead? No, it’s not High School of The Dead. It’s something like that tho… Gakkou Gurashi? Oh, it is Gakkou Gurashi! Hoh, ok! Pandora Hearts…? Oh, I just guessed that! Holy sh*t! That looks like Enoshima in the background. I think that’s Tari-Tari—- YEAAAA!!! Let’s go! Oh oh oh, nono, that’s Re-Zero! Yea yea, that’s the big tree where they fought the whale. Oh sh*t oh SH*T! What the f*ck is that!? Alright, let’s skip that. The f*ck is that? I don’t know, let’s skip that one too. Ohh that’s uhhh….. What the fu*k is that movie? Sakasama no Patema, yeah…. That looks like Your Lie in Aprilllllll…… Yea…. MgRonald!? MgRonald!? There’s WcDonald and then there’s like EcDonald i’ve seen. MgRonald is uhmmmm It’s that, it’s that one. Devil’s a Part-timer. Yeah! What the f*ck is that? Look for clues, you want to look for context clues. Steins;Gate? OHHH!!! Oh, sh*t. I don’t know that one. Oh, that’s easy. That’s Soul Eater. THAT IS NOT ‘VERY EASY’! Are you f*cking kidding me Is that Fate? Oh,it is Fate! Yeah! Alright, that was easy then! Oh, I’ve never seen that before. I’ll skip that. What the f*ck is that? No, I feel like i’ve seen this… Is that Gurren Lagann? Let’s go~! That ….looks like Angel Beats Oh, it’s not Angel Beats, d*mn. It’s something like that tho. I feel like it’s a Key Studios one or maybe…. Is it Nisekoi? No, it’s not Nisekoi. Aaaa, what the f*ck is that? It’s something like that tho. Little Busters? Apparently, it’s ‘Easy’. No, it is not ‘Easy’. I picked three different anime and they weren’t that. That is… it looks like Kyoto Animation…. Amagi? Oh, it is Amagi! Alright, see I knew it was f*cking Kyoto Animation! Oh, that’s easy. That’s One Piece. Oh, that’s easy too. That’s Fairy Tail. I do not know that one. I’m not gonna waste time on that. Oh? Context clues. That’s says Torobu(?) which means that is Gintama. I wonder what that might be. Is it Boruto? Oh, that’s easy too – that’s Evangelion! O sh*t, what is that? Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon? Nope. I don’t know that one. I wonder what that might be? Could it be the planet of Namek, Dragon Ball Z? Oh, I actually do not know this one. I don’t know that one. Lets skip that. That’s easy, that’s Mirai Nikki. What the f*ck is that? It’s not Death Parade because we’ve already had that. No, I don’t know that one. Let ‘s skip that. Oh that looks familiar. What is that? I’ve seen that before…. This is actually really f*cking hard guys. That’s easy. That’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Oh, it’s Spirited Away. Alright. I got 50% so far. I got 50%. Oh, why does that look familiar? Oh, is that uh The f*ck is the one with the great— Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Is that Magi? Oh, it is! I just guessed that, hell yeah! Uhhhhh, that is Anohana. What the f*ck is that? Kingdom? Looks like Fire Emblem. Is it Fire Emblem? What the f*ck is that? What is that!? Oh that’s uh? F*ckin Attack on Titan ripoff. What is that called? Come on, Joey. You got this. It’s the one with the train. Kabaneri. Yes… That is….. Sword Art Online 2 ? I may hate the show but I still remember what it looks like. That is very specific,— that is Kagerou Days. Oh, wait. No, sorry. Mekakucity Actors. The original novel is called Kagerou Days. Oh sh*t. What is that looks like that town in Rewrite. No? Coppelion? Could that be it? No. Something like that tho. What the f*ck is that. Whoever is writing these, you’re a fat fucking liar. I’m getting all the hard ones. Oh, okay. Well, that kind that kind of gave it away. That’s Asterisk Wars. Oh, that’s easy. That’s Kiznaizer. That’s Code Geass. Like some of these are just like really obvious, except for that one. What the f*ck is that? Okay, that’s K-ON. I want to get at least sixty. That’d be cool. That is Bakemonogatari. Oh my god, what the f*ck is that? That looks like a Disney movie. Oh, that’s Baccano. I think….. Yeaah! Shirobako? Yeaah! Ghost In The Shell? No, it’s Ghost In The Shell. That’s too… way too modern for Ghost In The Shell. Psycho Pass? Oh, yes it is! That looks so familiar. What is that? That’s definitely a Shaft anime. Just from the art style. Oh, that’s—- uh, Katanagatari. Yeahhh! I got it! Okay, this one is so f*cking familiar. Is it Summer Wars? This one is also very familiar. It’s kind of water colored. It’s underwat— Oh, the underwater. What is that one by f*cking P.A.Works. Nagi no Asukara. Is it? I’m getting it. Okay, this one is also really familiar. Is that Yuuki Yuuna? Oh, is is Yuuki Yuuna. Yeah!!! I swear to god that is To-Aru. No? It’s not To-Aru. F*ck, I thought that was To-Aru. Okay, this one is also really familiar. What is this? Wait, is that Konosuba? Boys, call me The Anime Man cuz that’s my name. Wait, I think this one is Girls und Panzer. Oh it is! Hell yeah, let’s go! We’re almost there! I don’t know the rest of these…. NOOO, ten seconds… I don’t know DAMN IT!!! F*ck. So we, unfortunately we missed 20. I got 75%. The average was 27%. Let’s go boy—- Thats still a pass. 75% is a pass. That’s Hanasaku Iroha, of course. I knew that looked f*cking familiar. That was To-Aru!!! I’m so salty!!! (Here’s some sugar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )) They put a f*cking space in between To and Aru! I knew it was To-Aru! Did I not say To-Aru so many times! That’s Shelter!? Like the Porter Robinson, Shelter? Wow,ok I was… never get that. Owari no Seraph. Never seen Owari no Seraph so…. That was beyond me. Plastic Memories. Uh yaaaa.. Rokka no Yuusha. Never seen that before so I didn’t know. That’s Zero no Tsukaima. F*ck I didn’t know that. Suisei no Gargantia. Oohhh yeaahh it is…. Now that I know where it’s from. It looks familiar. Rakuen Tsuihou. Ohhhh. I’ve been meaning to watch this movie but I’ve never seen it yet but that looks cool. If that entire movie looks like that, I’m down to watch that. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Gokukoku no Brynhildr. I’ve never even heard of that. Has anyone ever seen Gokukoku no Brynhildr or is that just a really bad misspelling? Please let me know. That’s One Punch Man!? Really!!!?? I do not remember that scene from One Punch Man, dude. When was that? When did he do that? Did he like fly around the earth or something or is that because of his punch? Oh, it’s Gosick! F*CK! I f*cking love Gosick too! Godd*mmit! Man, this is really getting me salty…. Arslan Senki…I’ve heard of that before but I’ve never even seen what it looks like. But it looks like that apparently. Kekkai Sensen. I’ve never seen Kekkai Sensen. Godd*mmit! Oh, that’s Log Horizon……. That’s Date a Live? Never would have got that. Aldnoah Zero…… Of cuz it’s f*cking Aldnoah Zero! And Akagami no Shirayuki-hime which I still haven’t seen yet but there you go. I still got 75%. F*cking nailed it. That took way longer than expected (so does this subtitle, took me 8 hours) so I’m probably gonna end this video right here guys. If you enjoyed it then uhh I’ve left both the quizzes in the description below So uh I mean, don’t do the quiz now that you know all the answers like, you know maybe show it to a friend, who’s like really good at anime stuff like that and see if he can beat my score. I got a hundred percent on the first….On the Shounen Jump quiz and I got 75% on this quiz so—– Don’t underestimate me plebs. ( ⌐■ _ ■ ) But yea, this is really freaking fun. I did….. I never knew that Sporcle had a bunch of anime quizzes like this so if you guys really enjoyed this, I might do another one and if there’s another like anime quiz that you find on Sporcle.com that you’d like me to try out if it’s like really fucking hard or something? Then I guess let me know. Follow me on Twitter and tweet them at me. That’d be really f*cking fun. Let me know in the comments below how you did on both these quizzes? Did you beat my score? I mean, you can’t, you couldn’t beat my score in the first quiz but did you beat my score on this one cuz if so you’re a liar, you’ve probably cheated. and last but not least a special thank you to—- I think I pronounced that right. and everybody else on my Patreon who supports me every month. If you liked to support the show and support what I do, then make sure to click that first link in the description below to support your boy. Anyways guys, thanks for watching. As always, like and favourite if you enjoy, subscribe for more anime banter and I’ll see you guys in the next video of whatever I make. Keep watching anime, Ja ne!

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