I Tried to Create Garden Eyebrows

Babe.. what are you doing? 2017 brought us many eyebrow trends and well a lot of people wanted them to be left in 2017 2018 has already blessed us with fishtail eyebrows nail eyebrows and recently with halo eyebrows so uh I guess we’re continuing I invented this this look because there isn’t much green in Hong Kong even the parks are concrete that and this dual ring I wore this once for sure And it’s beauty has stayed in my mind ever since and I wanted to be on my body somehow Plus spring is coming so I feel like you guys are in need of a new fresh look And I’m gonna give us you today. We are going to try and create Garden eyebrows The first step is to transform your eyebrows into grass so for that my boyfriend took his wax back For that you want to grab something sticky such as your partner’s wax if you don’t use any or eyebrow gel might work so take some of the wax you want quite a bit because you want it to look clumpy and sticky and just put it on your brow See how it’s kind of clumping together To make them green I’m gonna use this liquid lipstick I’m using this one from jeffree star in the color Venus flytrap But you could use green mascara, green paint, and you don’t even need to make them green you could leave them all natural. your garden will look dead, but that’s might be what you’re going for it and just paint this onto a spoolie and then Put it into your eyebrows Now just brush your eyebrows around And make them look really wild and bushy so you want some hairs to come forward and bushy so you want some hairs to come forward Some to go down, some to go up, just like the look of grass And then you can just clean up the top and bottom with a q-tip Okay when you have it looking something like that really furry and wild and cute and you can stop there and do the next eyebrow Oh, I like this, okay, so once you get your Grass in the color and the shape that you want You’re ready to move on to flowers and now for these you could go with either real flowers, which is what I gonna do. You could use sticker flowers, you could draw on flowers. Get creative with it. Do what you want. If you’re using real flowers cut off your choice in flower, add a little eyelash glue, create a stem in your eyebrows and when the eyelash glue is dry stick that flower onto the stem This actually turned out way cooler than I thought it would and you might be thinking this is kind of similar to your Christmas eyebrows You kind of just like spread the hair around added things at the end but it’s quite different because the flowers are actually glued to the ends of the hair strands which takes a lot longer But for this look we’re going for something that looks a lot more natural looking Kind of like the flowers are sprouting directly from your hair. Now make sense, but oh my god? I love the way this turned out. Okay for the final touch I don’t know if you’ve noticed but not only is our eyebrow game getting stronger but so is our highlight game at the same time just having cool eyebrows isn’t enough anymore You need to have a really strong blow, so I’m gonna add some more highlighter to my face and the inner corners of my eyes Because I need to keep up with these girls I took that a little too far So this is the final look. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, but we need to call Sharla now because a look isn’t a look unless Sharla approves of it Yeah Okay ready Yes Yeah, it’s a spring one yeah Exactly yeah So what do you think? You like them Really Okay Okay, so Sharla approve. She even likes them better than the Christmas tree one so I have high hopes for these but we need to get a few more opinions So I jumped into an uber and the driver also approved of this look by the way, what do you think of my eyebrows? It’s okay You know for me, I’m just an old man. I don’t know what your style you are now going to be. Do you think is this cool style? Yeah, yeah, yeah all right, so where are you going? I’m just going to meet my friend. Yeah, what a party? No, just like walking around. I headed to the spot where I figured people would appreciate this look Flower Market Road This is the store where I actually bought the flowers that I am wearing these are the actual ones I used. This flower store here is really cheap like these are only forty dollars which is like I don’t know $4? $5? I got 20 roses for like 8USD well flower shopping here is really good. Especially at this time of year because it just finished Chinese New Year, so all the flowers go on sale Would you try them? No Wouldn’t look good on me tho, it looks great on you. So we came to this little cafe called hayfever, and it’s a flower cafe so it has flowers everywhere that you can buy and a little coffee shop, and it’s the perfect place to just relax and smell some flowers So I just go home and my boyfriend’s now home too, so let’s see what he thinks of this garden eyebrows look. Yeah birds? oh, butterflies. Sweety, springy. Do you like it? Sure. Sure? I love the colors Would you go out with me with this? no, take it off. Overall this look was really positively received. the results were kind of biased though because I was in a flower market and people were there to see flowers and they saw a lot more flowers than they were hoping to find maybe but Yeah, I think I had fun. I had a lot of fun creating this look. I liked the way it turned out Let me know what you guys think of this I hope some of you will try it because I want to see what you do with this look, the colors you use, the flowers you use or what you guys do like what you add into it You guys are super creative, so I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Be sure to tag me and let’s use the #Gardeneyebrows Yeah, looking forward to seeing your creations, and I will see you very soon with my next video

75 thoughts on “I Tried to Create Garden Eyebrows

  1. Those eyebrows are stunning, if i was as beautiful as you I would wear them, for sure! I just suscribed I love your work Taylor, cheers!

  2. Your image and brows were on Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning – giving you credit for garden brows 🙂

  3. From one Faery Princess to another, I am in awe of you! Just found your channel through your beautiful angel, Rosie! The pure beauty of your soul shines through your beautiful essence. Sending love & light🌼🍄🌸😻

  4. First, how do you look natural in things like that? Second, why after watching your vids I feel everyday street wardrobe and make up is so boringg? I feel that if we all wear whtaver we want the looks would be so interesting and it would be a fairytale movie out there.. because come on who doesn't want to look like a garden godess like you?

  5. I… Think it Looks kinda cool, witch makes me sad xD like, if you'd want to dress as an earthy goddess or fairy

  6. Today published in a Dutch newspaper

  7. Omgaad! I wish I was 20 years younger I would do this!!!! And you know Sharla lol I have to look at the Christmas ones.

    Does this thin your brows?

  8. OH MY.. Taylor this video has just been shown in a talk show here in Italy!!! I jumped out of my seat, my mom got scared ahahaha

  9. Bruh I was not ready for that intro. I was so confused and startled and just having an existential crisis.

    Also, not gonna lie, you made those garden brows look high fashion. I hope you don't feel offended by me saying this but I wish you continued modelling. You're so good at it.

  10. I think that green lipstick would be so cool. Maybe I wouldn't do that eyebrow look though…at least not for everyday

  11. I don't ever comment this, but Taylor I was having a horrible day and I sat down and watched your video and I have to say you helped me get through today and lifted my spirits. Thank you !

  12. Do any youtubers want to be friends with me? I am just getting back doing YouTube , and I really want to make friends on here!!

  13. Just grab something sticky. Such as your partner's wax, (or an eyebrow gel.) If you don't have any.

    I don't have a wax,

    Or a partner either.

  14. Oh my goodness I actually love this so much!
    I'm for sure going to try this for a future art project. I think It'll look super cute with a green wig and mascara, maybe also some flower on the cheeks as well <3

  15. Turned our wonderful. You’re so creative Tay! I was pretty stoked too, to see Megan Bowen pop up in the background of Charla’s FaceTime with you. You and Megan are my top two favourite YouTubers. Would love to see you collab!

  16. ☺️ i woke up anxious today and not much was helping. i have had a really bad year+ and at the beginning of it i found your videos and they helped me feel less alone/i loved your sense of humor. i scrolled through videos of yours that i haven’t seen yet and this was the first one. it was just what i needed today. thanks so much tay 🎀

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