ICL Controlled Release Fertilizers

to ICL specialty fertilizers by the year 2050 farmers and growers will need to produce food for a global population of approximately nine point six billion people producing more food with fewer resources is a challenge that can only be achieved by utilizing the latest advanced technologies in agriculture nutrient use efficiency from precision nutrition will be the key to producing more food of a higher quality from reduced fertilizer inputs with over 50 years of experience in coating fertilizers ICL specialty fertilizers has aligned itself to this trend by developing Emax release technology the latest technology in coating nutrients enabling farmers and growers to use less fertilizer while obtaining greater yields Emax releases the nutrients over time matching the growth needs of vegetables and fruits and arable crops once applied at the granule slowly absorbed the soil moisture through the coating the nutrients inside dissolve and the osmotic pressure created will release the elements back through the coating and into the soil a plant’s growth intensity is based on soil temperature with the release pattern that matches the plant’s needs nutrients are released through the coating and are immediately available to the plants reducing nutrient losses by leaching and volatilization maintaining an optimal level of nutrients in the soil for the plants to grow evenly with only one application and predictable release longevity of up to five to six months Emax controller ease fertilizers will save labour money and time by matching precisely the plants needs for a uniform and fruitful crop unaffected by excessive rainfall or irrigation Emax release technology the revolution in controlled release fertilizers

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