#IMakeApps | Gregory Veret | Organic farmer | Xooloo | France

Gregory: Three times a week, I wake up really early
and leave Paris. I kept it secret,
because people might think I’m crazy. Even my family didn’t know. It’s like leading
a double life. We are going to an island,
where I have a farm. [gentle music] I started with nothing. It was really difficult to make
the field harvestable. You just have to be humble in front of natural
elements. When I grew
my first organic potatoes, I was so happy. I was worried
about the world we’re going
to leave to children. If they want to be healthy,
if they want to grow, they need to have healthy food. And after seven years, we provide more than 500
schools and daycares in Paris. This is my contribution, to prepare the future
generation to change the world.

16 thoughts on “#IMakeApps | Gregory Veret | Organic farmer | Xooloo | France

  1. that's my dream. now I see someone is doing it for last seven years.. makes me happy … code and farm .. oolala

  2. Здорово! Вот бы все стремились сделать мир лучше!
    P.S. в описании опечатка в русской локализации в слове "детей".

  3. El legado global para nuevas generaciones sobre el desarrollo efectivo sostenible del mundo (ODS), parte por grandes proyectos o programas , pero la garantía de ese cambio está en las manos de los nativos digitales en corregir los errores de nosotros los adultos, donde el empoderamiento de hábitos agroecológicos global a temprana edad , es posible hacia la subsistencia de la especie humana !Felicidades!.

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