Immediate Organic Liquid Fertilizer From Kitchen Waste & Scraps

In this video I will show how you can make instant fertilizer for your garden from daily waste of kitchen For promoting organic gardening at homes share this video with all social media Before telling how to make fertilizer from organic kitchen waste I would like you to subscribe this channel Subscription link is given here Go and click at this link for automatic subscription Subscribing is totally free so subscribe without hesitation Whenever new video is posted it will reach you directly Let’s start now There are many benefits of making instant fertilizer First thing it will manage organic waste from kitchen second thing you will get instant fertilizer for your garden Our kitchen produces many wastes like scraps of vegetables scraps of fruits and other scraps Store this waste organic from kitchen like banana peels apple peels and many more peels from vegetables Store all organic waste of fruits and vegetables Cut into fine pieces When ample amount is stored grind it by adding some amount of water An liquid juice gets ready You can use this liquid directly in your garden If you want to increase quality of this instant fertilizer you can add jaggery and grind if it is available at home Due to sweetness micro organism and bacteria will convert this into a better organic compost You can dilute this instant compost by adding water for covering bigger area Dilute if required Instant fertilizer is ready I have diluted by adding some water Now you can pour it directly in containers or garden The grinded scraps are good compost for plants as it start decomposing quickly This type of instant fertilizer has two benefits first it will manage the daily organic waste from kitchen and secondly you will get instant fertilizer for plants in garden We can use kitchen waste by making instant fertilizer on daily basis This will manage kitchen waste and and you will get good fertilizer For your garden How was the video about making instant compost from organic kitchen waste ? Like this video Share this video with others Do not forget to subscribe this channel Subscription link is given here Thanks for watching this video See you again with a new video Till then enjoy gardening

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