Imulayan Organic Resource Center, Davao City, Philippines

Good afternoon. We’re here at Los Amigos, Tugbok District here in Davao City. It’s now 3 PM. We’re here to check out Imulayan Organic Resource Center an organic demo farm and organic aquaculture facility. Here’s the path to Imulayan. It’s a bit of a walk from here. First, let’s check out what’s sold here along the highway. Here are some catfish. By the way, Los Amigos is an area in Davao known for its fish ponds for tilapia and catfish. They also sell fruits in this stall. It’s likely these fruits have been harvested right here from Tugbok or nearby districts. They have mangosteen, lansones and of course, durian. Let’s start walking. Based on our calculations the distance is about 500 meters from the highway to Imulayan Organic Resource Center. I’d like to warn you that I’ll no longer put in any background music. I just thought it’d be nice for you to see and hopefully feel how it’s like walking this path. These bamboos are quite tall. How old do you think these are? This is what’s amazing about living here in Davao City. We’re not even 500 meters from the highway but it’s peaceful, as you can see and hear. It’s peaceful here. And here’s a rivulet. And you don’t see any trash. Amazing. Kids picking lansones. I remember when I was a kid before we moved to Manila in the ’80s… By the way, I was born here in Davao but I grew up in Manila Anyway… When I was a kid back then here in Davao I’d be out and about very early in the morning and I’d seldom go home because if I go hungry from playing outside there wasn’t a need to go home because I’d just pick fruits from trees. I’d have my fill that I didn’t find the need to go home. Araw, please lend me that. Araw, look at the bird! What are they doing? Nothing. Just flying around. How did the tree end up like that? Come on, come on. Look at that! There’s a truck, Nanay. Too bad, can’t get a good shot. Maybe the birds are someone’s pet. None. Those are wild here. They’re looking if they can catch fish or chicks. Once they see critters, they’d pounce on them. So chicks here have to be kept then. Oh, yes. They’re just like crows. Although they’re more… They’re real predatory. They have a higher point of view. Gull, that one’s a seagull. Araw, see that? What’s that, Pa? Egret. The white one? Mm-hmm. Amazing! Cool! They go to the rice paddies! Yes. They’re the ones that eat… The snails? Snails… They eat snails? Whatever they can find. They function as pest control, actually. Careful, you might fall into the ditch. Pest control… Fly away! Beautiful wings! Maybe that’s a breeding pair. That one’s flying quite low. That one is… Oh, it’s also a hawk. It seems each has its own territory. Did you see the dragonfly, Araw? Yes, Grandpa. Papa says this is millet. Tatay, tell me when you see one, please? Where do you think is the entrance? Finally we’re here at Imulayan Organic Resource Center. I think these are pineapple plants. Looks like they’ll make a proper road here. They’ve already paved it. It’s not surprising since there are lots of residents here. There are coconut plantations here, too so perhaps that’s why they’ve paved this so that there’ll be a proper road during coconut harvest. Let’s enter Imulayan. Are these ducklings or geese? I actually don’t know the difference. Here are their fish ponds. Imulayan Organic Resource Center was established by Metsa Foundation a non-government organization that’s one of the groups responsible for pushing the city’s organic movement. Imulayan Organic Resource Center is frequently utilized as a training facility for non-government organizations and people’s organizations here in Davao learning about organic farming and organic aquaculture. If you remember we already made a feature about the Friday organic market in Rizal Park. Metsa is one of the sellers in the Friday organic market. I’m inviting you to watch that feature about the Friday organic market. Link to the video will appear on screen. Hope you watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. Whoa, lansones. Am I right? Mm-hmm. I can’t reach it! Don’t force it. There! Okay! Go pick them up. Come on, pick them up. Come on. There’s tons here. Oh, no! They’re too ripe, no? They’re too ripe. There’s more here. Get some for yourselves. By the way, these nipa huts here in Imulayan Organic Resource Center are rented out to visitors. You need to coordinate with them for reservation. Get some and eat. What’s this plant called? Which one? This one? Mm-hmm. I don’t know. Can I throw the lansones peels here? Yes. Coffee! Coffee! Do you want to see more videos about Davao? Please subscribe now!

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