32 thoughts on “Incredible worm populations in my very active bins – vermicomposting

  1. Your worms are doing great,I reckon they will love the apple sauce. Do you have any outdoor bins?
    All the best. Mark

  2. I thought you were going to use the feeding zones in the last two bins to bait the worms into migrating horizontally, then extracting the baited population and putting it into a fresh unpopulated bin full of bedding and food. Then with the bin that has been depopulated, replenish the feeding zone so that the remaining worms migrate out of the castings into the bait. When you next feed the new bin, extract the last baited worms from the old bin leaving you with castings.

  3. I started my first, small worm bin in Dec 2018, populated it with red worms found in my garden. Now, I have 11 spots outside in raised beds that I will put whole food items including cardboard. The outside areas are growing tremendously, totally competing with my worm bins that are now 5 in number. I am not sure if worm bins are necessary if I can directly compost in my garden though.

  4. For grit I use spent coffee grounds and eggshells. Both are free and byproducts of human food. I put eggshells in microwave on high for 2 minutes to dry them out and kill anything harmful. I then put in coffee grinder so worms can digest the shells easily. Also use coffee grinder for deer feed corn. A 50lb bag cost under 10 bucks and they LOVE IT! I mix in things with corn in small amounts like cane sugar, corn meal, oatmeal also grinding them up for easy worm consumption. Cheers!

  5. Gidday from Australia, great to see your worms are doing so well.
    I am mostly feeding mine coffee in my outdoor rows,,and a mix of veggie scraps in my plastic farms.
    I am finding that my biggest worms are now in my compost Tumbler,,,,as they get a bit of everything.
    I found one so big I call him Arnie hehehe.
    Question, do you leave the lights on, so they don't escape out of this style of bin?
    Thanks for the video

  6. Do you ever allow visitors to come check out your vermicomposting setup? I saw from your other videos that you sail at RYC and figured that you live in NJ. I'm over by Clinton, NJ and I sail a Siren 17 at the Spruce Run Reservoir.

  7. I love watching your videos! I'm a newbie. How did they end up liking the baby food? And, have you ever had a fly problem? I have drain flies that came in with my worms when I got them and they won't go away! The seller had an outdoor bin. Any advice? I'm keeping my bin indoors like you.

  8. Amazing videos!!! Couldn't stop watching =) I would like to recommend your channel to my readers at www.sarabackmo.com and www.sarabackmo.se. Do you have a webpage or Facebook-page with some information? /Sara

  9. Sir, I think because of I add banana into my Bin. And I realise my bin has a lot of tiny little bugs like things. They are extremely tiny black color dot dot like thing. Smaller than a "full stop" I read online and it says that are caused by starch food, and it's so called infested with bugs. My question is, will they actually kill all my earthworms or are they actually harmless? The are definitely not fruits flies larva. They moving very slow, and it just look like extremely tiny little black bugs. What are they and are they harmful or my bin is really infested already?

  10. I just check, and sir, I think what I saw a lot in my bin are so called the "Soil mites" after I merely added two banana. So my question is, will these "soil mites" harm or bite all my earthworms?????

  11. I realize your bins seems pretty dry! Is that by design or do they just dry out? What are your thoughts on covering the bins with a cover as well as the news paper and cardboard to generate moisture?

  12. Great video. It would be nice to measure ph and moisture between bins to see why one is doing better than others.

  13. Do you think that worms consume shredded paper quicker then leaves? Your doing a great job with your bins. Have a great day. 😎

  14. I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with your worm populations AV!! WOW! You said the worms can be fed raw oatmeal, right? I also have whole-wheat flower that I may add to the worm food mix if that's okay to use as well. Let me know. Thanks AV and keep up the IMPRESSIVE work!! 😉

  15. I enjoy your videos very much… please subscribe to my little channel I also have a worm farm in Britain and I sell my worms and my worm compost to local people who need it very cheap!! If any of your subscribers who read this come from North West England I will be happy to half the price of their order ?? X

  16. Their favourite foods are anything water based and sweet so watermelon bananas rotten apples mangos cucumber and believe it or not their favourite food seems to be avocado Pele?? They eat just about anything I've been breeding worms for a few years I started as a hobby when my mum died to give me something to think about and now it has literally taken over my life! Good luck with what you are doing xx

  17. If you want your worms to compost quicker because you need the Castings ASAP!! You can freeze all of your kitchen scraps for 24 hours and then take them out and blend them in a blender with some water?? You don't have to blend them but if you do it makes the pieces very very small and the worms can do them up 30 or 40 times as quick as they can with food which is not frozen or blended… you also need something which of the worms can use to digest their food because they do not have any digestive system so like chickens they need some kind of grit!? Whatever you feed them about once a week you need to throw in something to help them digest.

  18. Another reason why you should if you can blend your worm food in a blender is because you can cover a bigger surface area with the food rather than just leave big lumps which will take them weeks or months to get through?

  19. The cardboard on top of your bins should also be wet! Not dripping wet but soaked in some water for about 15 minutes before you replace it on top of them! They will rise up to the damp cardboard and use it to breed and breathe .

  20. I commented before I'd watch the whole of your video I apologise you are already using eggshell..x

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