Indoor Worm Composting

Hey everybody! So today I’m going to be
talking about how to worm compost indoors in a small space
such as in an apartment or in your kitchen in a way that does not smell, and it’s
super easy and it’s a lot of fun and I’m gonna show you how we do it in our apartment. So here you can see that I ordered about 5,000 red wiggler composting worms
from a company called Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm in Pennsylvania. They came in this little
green bag and I’m going to add them to our composting bin. You can make your own composting bin
very easily using a plastic tub that you can get at one of your local hardware stores or somewhere like
Walmart, but we’ve decided to use something
called the worm factory 360, which is a manufactured composting bin.
Basically it is a square plastic tub that consists of a number of trays that have holes
in the bottoms of them that you can stack so that the worms can migrate between the trays and eat the food that’s contained within all the different trays. So basically what this is is a coconut fiber, called coir, mixed with some newspaper, and then I
cover it with a couple of sheets of newspaper to keep the moisture in, and then basically just add the worms to
this, and then you can add your food scraps into this mixture, and the worms will eat the food scraps and
turn it into worm castings, which is an awesome source a fertilizer for plants. Typically we throw scraps of vegetables, the tops of vegetables or pieces that
are rotten or that are no longer good to eat you can throw them in there,
worms love that and they will eat it very quickly. These
worms can process a bin like this very quickly. I’ve heard that they can eat about three
times their body weight in food in about a month I believe. So it’s pretty cool… you can throw stuff in there and it’ll be gone within a couple weeks. These worms are in a big shloogie ball right now because they are pretty stressed out from being shipped here, but once they settle down and get acclimated they will disperse throughout the bin and they will
reproduce on their own and they will match population size to the available amount of food in the bin, so
it’s really great, you don’t really have to keep ordering worms. Your colony will sustain itself as long as you feed
them and make sure that they’re kept moist. It is a lot of fun, and it encourages you to cook at home so that you have a constant supply of food for them, which is a lot healthier than getting take out or eating out at restaurants. I would
highly recommend this hobby. It’s great, and it’s really easy. That’s pretty much all there is to it. This bin has a spigot at the bottom, which allows for excess liquid out, and
this is great fertilizer as well. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Thanks.. bye!

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