Inside Bolivia’s Legal Cocaine Factories

This is a jungle swamp in northern Bolivia.
I am following two men who are taking me to their hidden cocaine factory. Bolivia is one
of the worlds biggest producers of cocaine paste. A new indigenous government here is
proclaiming a dramatic and successful strategy in the fight against the cocaine trade. I
have come to speak to the people involved and see for myself if indeed the cocaine war
is being won in Bolivia. These are the coca leaves that we step on.
And then the juice we get we mix it. Only after one hour. This is it, the paste.
Roberto told me that there no longer existed the huge Colombian run factories of the 90s
but businesses were smaller now and run by local individuals. I asked if the new government
had made things easier or harder.. Now. There is more control. Before the local
landowners rented places like this. But they wont anymore. Now we have to do it without
their knowledge. That’s why nobody must see our route here. I left Roberto crushing coca leaves for the liquid that would soon travel to Miami, New
York and London. Yet it is the alternative cultivation and the traditional use of the
coca leaves, such as coca tea, and mate, that is at the heart of the new Bolivian governments
policy. The Coca leaf to the Bolivian government is
a cultural issue and part of our identity. Therefore we are obliged to dignify the coca
leaf, because the coca leaf in its natural state is not a narcotic. And the coca leaf
producers are not drug traffickers. Now with our new government, we are trying
to legalise the coca leaf. For us the coca leaf is sacred. We need it
to buy clothes and other things. Without coca there is sadness in our lives. Its everything
for us. The new president of Bolivia Evo Morales used
to be a coca farmer. His promise to legalize traditional coca growing has ensured massive
popular support. The power base of the new government are the tens of thousands of militant
coca farmers. But his slogan of Coca Yes and Cocaine no has also sceptism and worry.
If we have this very permissive policy of let the cocaleros grow the leaf, we are going
to have another problem. No every cocalero has the right to grow their own cato, the
communities and the families are making cocaine. We don’t have cartels, we don’t have terrorists,
but we have this traffic that is very difficult to fight with.
The United States are now pressuring Bolivia to avoid expanding coca leaf production. But
according to the UN, the jungles of Bolivia are officially producing fewer tonnes of cocaine
paste.Those being tasked in finding the jungle cocaine factories, are the Bolivian Counter
Narcotic Commandoes, known as the FELCN. These commandoes have a fearsome reputation.
They also have a terrible human rights record against the cocalero farmers and Indigenous
population. Someone has dumped coca around here? You know
where? But have you heard something about it eh?
Maybe someone from this area knows, but we are not from here.
The irony for many of these soldiers is that their new president and commander in chief,
was once a cocalero farmer and seen as enemy. Many of the soldiers told me they were sceptical
of the policy of allowing more coca to be grown but they were given strict instructions
not give their opinions to the press. Later that day I accompanied the commandoes
as they discovered
a jungle cocaine factory. So this is what they have found the Bolivian
commandos, a medium size cocaine base factory, the workers were not here when we got here.
Despite threats from the United States, which has reduced official aid, Bolivia is at a
genuine cross roads in fighting cocaine production. From what I saw, tiny rural production farms
still exist across the Bolivian jungles. But the bold nationwide plans of exploiting legal
uses for coca, seem to be bearing fruit – both in reducing national cocaine production, and
giving farmers a realistic and economic alternative.

99 thoughts on “Inside Bolivia’s Legal Cocaine Factories

  1. The U.S government are selling drugs to the kids, and they make business making weed illegal how pathetic

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  3. 1:33 omfg so the drugs i do are stepped on by some dirty ass farmer joes big boots! horrible. Legailze this shit already!! control it, let people with special addict license buy it in chemists , keep it away from kids and everyone else. let people know only sick people take these kinds of drugs, and that they not for fun.

  4. Every time I get a response that starts with an insult, the commenter is 15 years old.

    I am 100% drug free and vegan, so keep sucking those dicks for the yayo! lol

  5. My guess is you get insulted alot as you say stupid shit all the time. Dont mean they 15, it just means you have a habit of winding people up, as you are weird and talk about shit you have no clue about. Coke to get shit done lol. You have any idea how stupid that sounds? thats what the addicts still in denial say you know.

  6. uncut? lol yeah cause someone who isn't part of the cartel will actually get his hands on uncut coke. Are you for real? stupid question. Thers no such thing as uncut coke anymore. The Dea and cia regime has made it impossible.

  7. "Thers no such thing as uncut coke anymore." Correct

    When the guy that I knew went away, it was a full page article in the national news. Tested in at 97% 2001

    I'm taking the 5th from here on. The past is the past. I was a kid and that was a long time ago. I made mistakes and lived and learned and tried everything at least once and sometimes more than once. I am better for it.

    You will have to take a vacation to Ecuador for that experience. I never drink, but when I do.. I prefer XX

  8. Find this amazing how these poor farmers grow coca trees and cultivate the leaves and make the paste and all that, then they sell it for a relatively small price to the dealers, then it travels north all up from central america to north america in this powder form we call it cocaine, which makes thousands of hondreds of dollars daily selling it. It is absolutely amazing and incredible knowing that rich americans who buy the coke dont have a clue where it originated from ;")


  10. I live in Bolivia. I work on a coffee shop. We, just like all coffee shops here, sell coca tea. It's delicious. Very good against nausea and it helps to prevent diabetes and regulate blood pressure. It's funny when I read comments from foreign people talking about coca as if it were the devil itself. Coca is just a leaf, a natural plant. Cocaine is the drug. Is not the same thing at all. Imagine if, one day,someone manages to produce a deadly drug made with cotton, and just because of that, cotton is declared illegal in 90% of the world, and people starts to yell about how bad cotton is, and about how it has to be eliminated because is the devil's fiber, and that everyone who wants to produce or defend the use of cotton must be a drug dealer or drug addict. That's exactly what is happening with coca.

  11. Interesting video, but the title is so misleading that is just ridiculous. In Bolivia coca farms are the ones which are legal. Cocaine factories are totally ilegal. Coca and Cocaine are not the same thing. That's the worst misconception against the coca leaf, and sadly one of the most common.

  12. I don't take much of this to be true, they were chucking bags of cocaine over from prison walls to consumers on the other side under the well bribed supervision of armed guards when I was last there -_-

  13. at 2:05, he was the commander of Bolivia on drugs who is imprisoned in the US for drug trafficking, he sent the Sinaloa cartel drug from Bolivia with direct planes to Mexico.

  14. I asked him if the new government had made things easier or harder, he mumbled something in a language I don't understand so who knows? we are to lazy to translate it…


  16. i made a video about new countries that can potentially produce cocaine outside of Latin America… chech my channel

  17. It's a dirty world to an American understanding why we're a war with all these other countries trying to limit the amount or what type of crops they can grow.

  18. until people do nt want it production will carry on , make it legal un cut and taxed .This will put cartels out of the picture and the correct way of making it will be less harmful , plus the rain forest and river systems wont be destroyed, Stop palm growing and oil and gold plus timber company s with tax money can be stopped or inspected .Hospital s school's ect . built with huge taxes as cartels pay nothing and if u did want cocaine it would be made with the correct chemical s eg not petrol cement acids ect. and the farmers a fair price instead of threat s from cartels .

  19. Can i use ur video to my vid? If its okay? If i dont recieve a reply ill put it on my vid until u send me a msg that i need to take it off okay? Thanks.

  20. Why these cocaine labs are legal is because cocaine is a anastetic and numbs the face so it works good during dental work

  21. those cocaine enformcent military guys are morons the global goverments like the usa are the main traffickers of the FUCKING DRUGS the whole it's a illegal thing is a fucking sCAM! it always was

  22. Mmmm i love Cocaine it was the only hobby i really stuck at no matter time of day or night it was always time for a line.

  23. Great. Turning you're country into a naco state for profit and getting you're citizens addicted to drugs and killing one another for greed and desperation for a fix. Well done. Hope it works out for you.

  24. Usa always wants to get into everything fuck USA is letting the big pharmaceutical to fuck the people and they don’t do nothing on that they are the new nazis

  25. Do you know Cocaine is the best of the best of drugs addicted , it will make people smiling without conscious.
    That cocaine is legal factory, oh the worse government I ever heard

  26. viva cocaleros the new president is a genius he made a tourist base and solved unemployment in one move very smart guy…long live the new president…kick them dea guys out of your nation they have no right to be there…

  27. Coca is a healthy plant for human beings… cocaine is the drug… if USA has the problem they should fix it in their on COUNTRY…. USA DOESN'T HAVE EQUALITY OF CITIZENS 1 VOTE FOR 1 CITIZEN … THEIR SYSTEM IS THE MOST STUPID JOKE … IS CALLED ELECTORAL COLLEGE…. THEY SHOULD FIX THAT 1ST…THEN TRY TO FIX THE WORLD

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  29. They want to get rid of the government but this prime minister is the best yet. Who in the zionist UN DEA CIA is even more bent?

  30. Cocaine does kill yes. So the ptesident of bolivia wants to develop the country and stay green, no rothschild allowed in Bolivia or those new world order pedophle satanic lot who were behind 9/11. The Bolivian prime minister votes against war and he is right. He cant be bought by those zionists in UN and Bilderberg. GOD BLESS HIM.

  31. I don't see a problem. Good for Bolivia if they are looking after their people.
    US and Europe haven't exactly got clean hands have they? Big Pharma doesn't want to make you better there's no money in that, they want you just well enough to function daily but under the paint slowly rusting, until it bubbles through then they can drain you of all your money as you slowly die at a higher life expectancy than ever before.
    Bolivia is supplying demand. One must ask, if life is so rosey in the West then why do they need cocaine to be happy? Sounds like a broken system.

  32. That’s the only way they can make a living, they should legalise it, nice when your a bit low a few lines is 👍

  33. Stop killing your own people over a regulated commodity. The drug war is a lie to keep those in power from facing charges. Yes other governments are going to pressure smaller countries to increase market price. The drug war is really about maintaining a price point of illegal commodities.

  34. Cara eu não vejo nada de erado ná Coca é que tem uns que usa para dogras mais as folhas dela são remédio e dó bom tira a fome dor de inchaço nas juntas e colunas eu não vejo pôr proebi Agui no Brasil tive ná Bolívia e uns trinta três dias serviço é com ós amigo boliviano espremetei boliar às folhas de coca me senti outra pessoa verdade se nó Brasil 🇧🇷 tivesse eu compraria é não ficava mais sem muito bom mesmo um remédio para todos é rodas

  35. Genesis 1:29"Any natural herb from the earth may be used for your Health."
    Marijuana,Coca[Legal and Natural], (Kain the Chemicals is the Devil)Opium
    The Reward is Eternal Life with God, the Creator of the Universe 🙂

  36. Let the cocaleros produce cocain don't u see they eat the leaves in the hope to get high ? Its kinda common sense those ppl will grow it anyway .Who dosent like cocaine?

  37. personally, i think that European chemist that originally isolated the cocaine alkaloid from the coca plant was an asshat. Thanks to that guys "brilliant" discovery, now the whole world cant enjoy the coca plant in its natural state, the way it should be..

  38. fuckin bullshit..ppl should b able 2 do whatever drugs we want !! why is it tht everything tht makes ppl feel good , is illegal ??? I want this motherfuckin question answered !!!!

  39. The cocaine problem is in US. The US has incredible amounts of addicts with incredible ammounts of money: Koka is ancestral in Bolivia, even before the Spanish colonist take the country. THey don't consume cocaine or create the drug, they too poor to do that. They can produce some actives parts of the cocaine drug, but the industrial complex of the process is beyond that a poor cocalero can do. If you want to terminate with cocaine production, go Colombia.

  40. wtf cops trump and our gov and mayor and ur boss and who ever else sets rules all do drugs and duh buys them so why the fuck do we have to fake and act like druugs are bad when its our go to for partying ???!

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