Interview | Compost & Community for Earth Programme at SJK(C) Pulai – C² Earth 2017

– Interview session with a teacher from SJK(C) Pulai – In your opinion, what is the impact of this programme? This programme has definitely a huge impact Before this, we don’t have much knowledge about food waste that can actually be turned into compost Usually, we only collect dry leaves and just leave them as they are to become compost But now, we know that the dry leaves and food waste can be mixed together to become compost So now the students, teachers, and parents can get the exposure and learn this process What do you hope for from this composting programme? We hope that we could transform the school into a zero waste school So now, not only we are able to practice recycling for solid waste such as plastic, bottle or can, but we can also gain benefit from processing food waste in the kitchen into compost – Interview session with a volunteer – How do you feel after joining this programme? This is my first time joining such programme In my opinion, this programme is beneficial as it exposes us to the hands-on experience with food waste composting process that we have never experienced before Now, we can do it on our own and practice this activity at home Other than that, what else the benefit that you can get from this programme? Well, Dr. Lee told us just now that we can reduce food waste produced at home and process it to become compost – Interview session with the PTA’s President
of SJK(C) Pulai – From our interview with Mr. Pan Wee Keong, the PTA’s President of SJK(C) Pulai, he said that the students and parents can learn and further enhance their knowledge of food waste composting This programme has a lot of benefits For example, food waste produced in the community can be reduced Furthermore, it provides us a good platform for teaching students about the importance of taking care of the environment since childhood In conclusion, to conduct this programme in a larger scale, Mr. Pan Wee Keong thinks that this programme should be further publicized and implemented in a larger group of communities – Interview Session with the students of SJK(C) Pulai – Based on the interview, the students can learn and fully practice food waste composting activity This activity can help to reduce food waste produced in a community and eventually become zero waste society After performing the demonstration of food waste composting, the students are happy and will encourage more people to get involved in this activity Lastly, the students of SJK(C) Pulai hope that this project will be continuously organized in the future

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