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Hiya, welcome to ‘Gardening With Jack’ with me … Jack! So, today I’m going to be giving you some tips on how to grow your own beanstalk with my favourite: beans! Step one … beans! You’ve also got to fertilise the beans. Lots of people put so much more effort in than you need to… All you really need to do: get a cow. Just one. Two is best. Three, even! Get as many cows as you want. Get a field of cows. But ask the farmer first, ‘cos you can have trouble… Step 2: trade it in. Trade the cow in! Trade the cow in for all your beans. The cow-to-bean rate at the moment is huge. Better than the pound. It’s grand! Then 3 (this is my favourite bit): just check ’em. Just check ’em out the way. Chuck ’em out the window. Chuck ’em out the car window. Chuck ’em out your mum’s window. Chuck ’em out your nan’s window! Once you’ve done that, you just come back, you leave them for a bit and this is the hard bit You might need some help with your *massive* stalk. What you have to do is get it in there, get some help, get a couple of hands on the stalk then that’s your own thing… Don’t be afraid to get a professional in! That’s it, basically. You can get more gardening tips and then one day you can get your own beanstalk So, yeah, come see me, Jack, in Jack and the Beanstalk (with me gardening tips and not that beanstalk, but a bigger one) from 24 November to 7 January. Cheers, nice one!

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