Japacon TV #13-06: Advertising utilizing animation special edition

Shimo: This could be just his method, but Director Shinkai actually went to the tunnel (in Turkey) himself. You can’t get to the deepest underground section without riding on the freight elevator, and Mr. Shinkai actually did. And that view from the elevator ended up being used in the commercial. The slight rattle of the elevator really added to the sense of realism. I think that must have been something he was particular about. In the company lobby, the hard hat that Director Shinkai wore in Turkey is on display along with the commercial poster. Daiba: It really means a lot to you, I see. Shimo: This is just my personal opinion, but I want to help the other employees realize that we’re doing work we should be proud of. You don’t really get the chance to see yourself working from the outside. That’s why I want to use the last commercial and the latest commercial as a model and as a message to the other employees about the work that we do.“When this airport is finished, I will surely cry.”Work that remains on the map.Taisei CorporationThough the directors are different, both commercials are very moving. (Right, Director: Tazawa Ushio Left, Director: Shinkai Makoto) This latest animated commercial was produced by Comix Wave Films. Kawaguchi: We are constantly striving to fill the niches in the anime industry. We find the gaps in what the big companies aren’t doing, and go against the trend. Daiba: President Kawaguchi, I remember you saying something like this in last year’s interview. Kawaguchi: Commercial filming is not really a niche. You’re working for large companies, after all. I don’t really feel like it fits into the niche markets that we are good at. We opt for the high road. Since the release of “5 Centimeters Per Second” in 2007, director Shinkai has gotten a lot of offers to do commercial production. We even got asked to do the Tokyo Olympics invitation film in 2008. It was going to be a Shinkai representation of Tokyo’s highlights – something that would appeal to foreign audiences. However, our schedules did not match, so we were unable to do it. Daiba: What have you learned through your experience with commercial production? I have to say, the fact that your work reaches up to 120 million people is what’s amazing about commercial film. Even if you make a bunch of films, they’re not likely to be seen by that many people. When you’re watching TV and the commercials come on, you’re just naturally drawn to it, right? I think that power is pretty amazing. Also being able to make something with directors like Shinkai and Tazawa, I am personally very happy for this opportunity.“It’s as if she’s seeing all the world’s secrets.”In May, Director Shinkai’s latest work in two years, the long-awaited “The Garden of Words” will be released. It’s getting a lot of attention from his fans“Well, I guess we’ll see each other again sometime. Perhaps, when it rains.”One more thing: There’s actually another new Shinkai work that has not yet been released to the public. This time, he’s ventured beyond the realm of feature films and advertisements with a short film.

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