Japanese Tea – New Organic Farming Experiment

Tomoe from SONO ORGANIC Today at Tea Research Lab at Saitama pref. I will observe interesting organic tea farming experiment. (Chagyo Research Institute, Saitama pref.) Dr. Omori, leader of this experiment This organic tea experiment is to establish new production technology Here are the purpose, method and concept One method is using fly ribbon adopted in China Another method is used in Assam, India Insect repellent plants like Citronellol Both are successful organic tea farming methods This experiment try both methods (Preparing neem repellent) (Sprinkle the repellent with knapsack power applicator) (Test farm) Tomoe: Any pest insects unique for Japanese teas? often observed in Japan and make damage to tea trees but not so observed overseas like in India or China? Iwasaki Tech. Officer: Most insect pests were classified. As the total number classified. There may be more insects classified overseas than classified in Japan. Tomoe: More insect pests overseas than in Japan! Iwasaki: Yes, there are more insect pests classified overseas. Tomoe: Does this mean Japan is easier to work on organic farming? Iwasaki: No, not true. Ideal natural environment for organic farming is less rain and lower temperature Japan has lots of rain, comparing with Europe It is rather difficult Tomoe: This organic new experiment cultivation method will influence the taste of Japanese organic teas? Dr. Omori, President of Ocha College: Yes I think it will Taste is the essential part of Japanese green teas. Flavor is important for Chinese green teas, like Longjing tea Same for black tea. Flavor weights more than taste So they attract people in different ways If no fertilizer for Japanese teas, it will lose taste Nitrogen fertilizer helps to make better tea taste. Using fertilizers with rich nitrogen organic fertilizers give carefully and thoroughly with long time it will improve the tea taste and safe without agricultural chemicals That’s my goal. Tomoe: Thank you.

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