Jared Criscuolo: Turning Your Poop into Fertilizer

Jared Criscuolo
wants to turn your
poop into fertilizer. In 2012 Jared got sick from
polluted water while surfing. The water was contaminated
with wastewater &
runoff from the city. This is a common
occurence in the USA. Jared set out to be part
of the solution
to our waste problems.Jared:
“I learned that human waste and food scraps
have a lot of nutrients left over in them. And if you’re careful about how you
source those nutrients, you can come up with a really great
fertilizer that’s completely upcycled.” So Jared started his own
fertilizer company. He also upcycles waste products from
other industries to add to the fertilizer.Jared:
“We get the algae that we use from T2 Energy, which is a local company that takes the soot, CO2
and heat off the top of a coal-fired power plant, and they actually use that to grow algae.”Mark:
“The byproducts of the algae that we grow lend themselves very well for producing fertilizers.” Jared’s tapped into the
brewing industry as well.Julia:
“Once we’re done using beer grains – we take most of
the sugar out – there’s still some sugar left, and there’s a lot of proteins left in them, It was really exciting when Upcycle contacted us and was interested in using
spent grain in a creative new way.” The end product is a 100% safe
dry pellet that is easy to apply. Jared’s goal is to
upcycle 3 milion pounds
of biosolids per year. Most fertilizers involve
mining for nutrients,
which decimates the land and they’re shipped
around the world
guzzling fossil fuels. Jared’s “future friendly
ferilizer” is sourced,
made and sold locally.Jared:
“Our vision is to look to as
many ways as possible to ensure that we have a more
sustainable future, that we protect the environment, not just for our
generation, but for generations to come.” Share this if
you want to
rethink our waste! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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