Jennifer Garner, Kelly, & Matt Iseman Give Gardening A Spin | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– Jennifer, I know that your passion for organic, healthy baby food inspired your Once Upon a Farm brand. And I love it. But our next guest shares
that passion, as well, and has made it his life mission. Y’all take a look. (tender music) – Look at this. Look how beautiful this is. Ever since the age of 10, I’ve
been fascinated about plants and learning more about them. I studied horticulture in college, and new after, that I
wanted to do something that utilized my love of
sustainable agriculture. One day it hit me that
if I could figure out how to build and maintain
people’s vegetable gardens in a simple way for them, I could really spread the message of growing vegetables at home to everyone. In 2016, I launched my own
business, Revival Roots. And it’s truly been a
dream come true for me. – Now, is this your favorite part? – Oh, it’s definitely my favorite part. – Nice. – My biggest joy is the
whole process of meeting with someone who wants a garden
and then at the end, planting it and, kind of,
seeing the joy on their face. It’s really exciting for me to see when kids get excited
about their garden. And, kind of, reestablishing
that connection between the food they eat and,
kind of, where it comes from. And give it a little bit of
a shake. Perfect, oh yes. Right after we’re done
planting, we’ll water. – [Little Boy] Yay! – [Little Girl] I want a garden too. – Teaching people how to
grow their own veggies, and supplement their diet,
is a gift I wanna give people for the rest of my life. (audience applauding) – Yes! All right y’all, say hello to Reid Newman. – [Reid] Thank you. – But do you really
think anyone can garden? – Absolutely, my goal is to bring people back to their roots and really show that anyone can plant a garden at home. I mean, it’s great if you
have, like, a big back yard. But even if you have
a patio or windowsill, you can still supplement your
diet in a meaningful way. – Definitely, definitely. Well, Reid is going to
show us just how easy it is to get started and grow
your own food in your home. We can do this, people. Y’all ready? – We can do it!
– Oh yeah! – We can do it.
– [Reid] Let’s do it. (audience applauding) – Real quick, why do you
love gardening so much? – I love gardening, because it makes great, healthy food
accessible to everyone. – Yes! – It’s one of the main things
about Once Upon a Farm. We’re mission driven,
so we’re WIC accessible in five states so far. We’re knocking down states one at a time. That means that people who
can’t afford baby food, if the government is supplementing ’em, they can have good food. – Yeah. – And then we’re also, we have a program called Wholesome Wave. Which is where families get a little card that has money put onto it. It’s preloaded and they take
it to their grocery store, and it’s just for fruits and
vegetables to make sure– – That is so cool. – ‘Cause we’re just, yeah. – You know what that’s
actually really important, because I think, and I wanna
talk to you about this too, is that people don’t realize, like, seeds can actually be pretty cheap. So if you grow your own
garden, like your food, like your grocery bill will
start lessening and lessening, if you start growing it. – Absolutely – And I think people think,
“Oh, it’s so expensive “to eat healthy.” It’s expensive to eat healthy, if you’re only getting it at the store. But, if you’re growing your
own garden, it’s cheaper. So show us! – And you really don’t
need that much space. – Show me, Obiwan. – All right, so everyone is gonna be planting a different variety today. – Okay. – But the process is exactly the same. – Okay. – So Kelly, you’re gonna
be planting edible flowers. These are violas. Great to toss in a salad
or garnish a cocktail. – Okay, should I put my gloves on? – Jennifer–
– Got a ringer next to us. – If you want, put on gloves. – I know, have you ever planted this? You’ve obviously planted that tons. – Yeah. – Jennifer, you’re planting mint. So this is a tea garden. You could just as easily plant
lemon verbena or lemon balm, if you have tea in the morning
or at night before bed. – [Kelly] I do. – [Reid] Super easy to have. – Matt, you’re growing spinach over there. – Sandy, are you nailing it? – So these are a little hard. You have to, like, pinch ’em out. – How do you? (audience laughing) I can’t, like, I couldn’t get it out. – So it’s all right, so they’re little… – They’re fine, everything’s fine. – Is making a little divot
and pinching the soil. – [Kelly] Pinching the
soil around it, okay. – [Reid] Yeah, so these are all things that you can grow in
a windowsill or patio. Easy to do at home. (guests chattering) – Spinach, Matt’s planting
spinach over there. – [Kelly] Okay. – What am I making here, Reid?
– A mess. – [Reid] So you’re
planting spinach right now. (audience laughing) – (laughs) Thank you, Jennifer. (woman laughs) – I love spinach.
– I’m takin’ it with me – With a really good dressing. – Yeah, and so easy to, like, cut some off, put in your smoothie. – Yeah.
– Eggs in the morning. – That’s how I hide it with my kids. I hide it in their smoothies,
and I have a colored cup so they can’t tell it’s green. – Such a good idea. – Exactly, I’m really
smart, as well as, hot. – And then– (woman laughs)
(audience laughing) – Sandy, at the end, you
are planting gem lettuces. So these are little teeny
baby, little gem lettuces. Very easy to plant in a small area. – [Matt] Okay, somebody
made a huge mess here. – [Kelly] Yeah, it’s going great. – [Reid] Getting your hands dirty. (man laughs) – I just needed it out
and it wouldn’t come out, so I have the patience of a two year old. – [Jennifer] How are those
gloves working for you there? You okay? – I think I was supposed to be there– – I feel like Jennifer
Garner is heckling me. – [Kelly] I love it! – Based on my glove choice. – Okay, look. – I’m just conscious about my skin here, I wanna keep it moist. – [Kelly] Keep it moist! – After it’s nicely planted, exactly, you can put in some water. – I’m just saying, mine’s startin’ to look real good, here, Reid. I’m just saying. – [Reid] Looking great.
– [Sandy] Wonderful. – Okay, and then it’ll,
and then you just water it. Not too much, right? – Exactly, yeah, you just
wanna keep it slightly moist. And so this can go right in
the windowsill in your kitchen, easy to just pluck off. – So wait, what was all this for, should I have used that, or? – You’re all good. Hands are the best tools.
– It just looks really cute. – Absolutely.
– Or gloves. – [Kelly] It looks great. (man laughs) Or pink gloves, like Matt (laughs). This is awesome, though.
– Whatever works. – It’s looking so good. – So, Jen, Once Upon a
Farm line inspired you. You know, that whole line has inspired you to do what you’re doing, and I think it’s a really beautiful thing. And it has inspired us,
actually, to build our garden. So actually, Reid built our garden. – No way!
– Upstairs. We have a whole rooftop thing. – I wanna see.
– Well, there’s a surprise. We actually, you know, every
garden has to have a name. – [Jennifer] Is this it? – [Matt] Oh my!
– [Kelly] Yes! We actually use, we harvest our garden whenever we’re doing a cooking segment. This is our garden that
we made, inspired by you. – [Jennifer] Oh my gosh, it looks great! – [Kelly] That’s why you
have to have an awesome name with a pun, right? So we’re naming it The Jen Gardner Garden. – Oh, thank you!
– Yes! So you’re, kind of like,
always a part of the show. – Thank you, I kind of am. – [Kelly] Yes you are. – Oh my gosh, that’s so exciting. I’m thrilled! – We really were inspired, that’s no joke. That’s why we did it. – Kelly, what part of the
set are you naming after me? – We are naming, when anyone
falls, we call it an Iseman. (audience laughing)
(woman laughs) We call it an Iseman, I’m just
kidding, I’m just kidding.

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  1. I seriously love this show! Something about it seems so real even though I know a lot of it has to be scripted but the overall heart and soul is there. Just me?

  2. Ive been an urban gardener my whole life, but people should remember that the poor in cities, backyards, balconies and even window ledges can be beyond people's reach.

  3. This is so awesome show!!!! Im catching up on you tube now watching small parts of it ( i live in europe ) and loving it !!!!!!!! Kelly is a gem!!!!!!!

  4. I'm glad Kelly's having a good mix of celebrities but also regular people on her show. Also, I love Jen Garner as an actress. I just didn't care for her character in "Catch & Release".

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