JM Fortier on Small Scale Market Gardening

You should start small and you should learn your craft before you take on bigger projects And the other advice I often give also is that you should perhaps stay small. And there’s a lot of benefits in doing it this way Once you master a full year where things go the way you planned and organized for, Then I think you can imagine producing more and opening new fields or whatever I explain to people how to set up, how to use intensive growing systems, how to use hand tools how to just have good economics I love the fact that we are changing the world one farm at a time, That really fulfills my need to be invested in something bigger than me, and bigger than my farm. And I think that when I come to EcoFarm That’s what I get… I see how I’m connected to this whole network of awesome people that are doing awesome things. What I like the most about it is how nice it is to be here for the farmers and I think we deserve that. It’s like a vacation. Come to EcoFarm! Wooh! and fast and quick and now. Book your tickets right now for next year.

1 thought on “JM Fortier on Small Scale Market Gardening

  1. Good Advice! Yes farmers are improving the soil, air and water quality. Eco-Farm is a Fabulous Event to connect, learn and be inspired. 🙂

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